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haha friendly reminder gray doesn’t like juvia’s “advances” on him

even if this is part of the filler arc!! it’s reiterated time and time again that he!! doesn’t!! like!! her!!!!!! it’s harmful to think “he’ll come around”!!!! no!!!! juvia exists in the narrative to literally annoy and harass gray hidden behind the wall of “love”!!!! 

let juvia exist apart from her “love” with gray, and stop pressuring gray to like someone he clearly doesn’t

anonymous asked:

which is more powerful: your love for carrie underwood or your hatred towards sjws?

Now that’s a difficult one to answer, really solid question. I don’t hate these people, though they’ve been victims themselves in many ways, indoctrinated of predictive programming.

I actually feel for them in many ways, really do now. They’ve been brainwashed by the axis of human secularism: Hollywood, Academia and the Mainstream Media.