gray linen

not to be gay but i want to have a sturdy dark hardwood table that’s just a little beat-up that i can put light gray linen tablecloths on and serve cheese and homemade jam and rosemary sourdough to my friends


K-Pop does the 18th century. So I was watching the K-Pop video for BigBang’s “Fantastic Baby” (don’t judge me!) and saw these two outfits and immediately knew I had to blog them. Totally not 18th century of course, but I think they’re a fantastic look at a modern interpretation of the 18th century style.

The top looks very much like an 18th century banyan circa 1770s. Take a look at this red banyan for comparison.

The bottom is a 21st century interpretation of a late 18thc (circa 1790s, very early 1800s) French suit. Take a look at this green suit with ivory waistcoat and you can see how the cut is very similar to that of the K-Pop version above.

But y'all never thought I’d blog K-Pop here did you?

Miss Fisher’s Fabulous Frocks Outfit Recap - Season 1, Episode 2 - “Murder on the Ballarat Train”

Phryne is a little more restrained in this episode, with only eight total costume changes, as opposed to the 13 different ensembles in episode one (Season 1, Episode 1 Outfit Recap here).

Outfit #1 - Gray jacket with floral skirt and shirt and red camisole

Outfit #2 - Navy floral shirt with white pants and linen jacket and hat

Outfit #3 - Gold velvet shirt with white pants and feather boa

Outfit #4 - Brown and pink kimono

Outfit #5 - Cream assuit, white shirt and pants, green sea anemone brooch

Outfit #6 - Purple wrap dress with silver damask

Outfit #7 - Gray asymmetrical flowing shirt, linen jacket and hat

Outfit #8 - Black bolero with gold designs over green silk undershirt and black pants