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If These Sheets Were States

Summary: Based on “If These Sheets Were States,” by All Time Low (X). 

Warnings: fluff. that’s basically it. fluff and pet names and iffy writing because it’s my first post.

Word Count: 1,588 Words

note: This is my first ever time writing on Tumblr and sharing it. This is for @sanjariti  and her prompt game and I am dedicating it to her because she is an absolute ray of sunshine and I love her. Please, if you like it let me know or tell me what I could be doing better! Thank you so much for reading! :)

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Sunday mornings have always been something to revel in, whether it’s sunlight streaming through worn curtains or now, with a muscular forearm draped across her hips. Sheets with childhood idols (or cartoon heroes) made way for soft gray linens that draped over your sore limbs.
“Blanket hog,” spoken in a tired and gruff voice was all it took to pull her from her slumber as the arm around her torso pulled her closer to his chest.
“Is that serum those science guys gave you not enough to keep you warm and cozy?” After rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she did her best to drape the sheets over his body that currently dwarfed her figure. 

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I should probably warn you that: 1. The idea is very old; 2. I mostly write stuff so I can push character limits, and here I clearly pushed too hard. Basically, expect lots of OOC.

Title: Think Before You Speak

Fandom: MommaCQ (belongs to @alainaprana)

Wordcount: 983

Warnings: OOC; mentions of injury and hospitalization; blatant angst.

Summary: Error hates the hospital.

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Did I Stutter: chapter 1

Summary: Harry Potter AU. Natsu is the Hogwarts Tri-Wizard Champion. The underwater challenge left him with a slight stutter from being under for so long. And now it’s time for the Yule Ball. He’s the champion, he has to have a date. The only witch he could even consider asking is his best friend, and way out of his league.

Note: this fic revolves around Book 4: Goblet of Fire. I switched trial 1 and trial 2, you’ll see why.

“You’re the Hogwarts’ champion, if you can’t ask a girl to the ball, then I sure as hell can’t.”

Natsu groaned, some champion he was. He barely survived the first task. Who the heck thought it was a good idea to have an underwater challenge?!

“I’m j-just gonna a-ask someone as-as a friend,” Natsu finally got out. Unfortunately, the underwater task nearly left him mute. The Durmstrang champion tried to fight him to get to his ‘something precious’ first, causing his air bubble to burst. The other champion had made sure Natsu was stuck in the water, and if it wasn’t for Headmaster Makarov he would have drowned. But the length of time he was underwater damaged his vocal cords, leaving him with a maybe-permanent stutter.

“Who?” Slytherin chaser Gajeel asked.

“I know who he wants to ask,” his dorm mate Gray half sang as he joined Natsu and Gajeel at the table in the Great Hall for breakfast.

“No-no o-one,” Natsu cursed under his breath, but the other two ignored him.

“Who?” Gajeel asked again. Despite him being in the house of the snake, his best friends were in Gryffindor. They knew one another since diapers, a little house division wasn’t going to break them apart.

“Ravenclaw’s number one perfect prefect, Lucy Heartfilia,” Gray smirked right at the pink haired wizards face.

“I- I- no- no I-” Natsu couldn’t speak fast enough to stop them, or his blush.

“Lucy? Good luck with that, Salamander,” Gajeel snickered.

“Wh-why? She’s my fr-friend…”

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Lotto - One (M)

Character: Chanyeol x reader Genre: Angst Warnings: Strong language, mentions of violence Words: 3049

White lace perfectly tailored your frame and your hair fell around your shoulders in soft waves. There were hues of pink and gray that adorned the walls of the overpriced ballroom you stood in the middle of. Soft gray linens draped high from the ceiling and fell around the room at various locations.

There sat a flower-draped archway at one end of the room that built by your grandfather two months before cancer took him from you, it was his gift in hopes for a fulfilled life. Your eyes took in the scenery, it really did look beautiful. This day had been perfectly planned for months, no detail was missed. Your sister being the person to thank for that because you could not be bothered to plan every single detail because this wedding wasn’t out of love.

The future nuptials were deemed appropriate by society. He was the son of the wealthiest businessman the town had to offer and you were the daughter of his second in command. Junmyeon was a perfect gentleman and in another world, you would have fallen in love with him easily. He was handsome and caring, unlike most of the men that surrounded your father’s business. But the love you held for your future husband grew from necessity.

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Lightweight luxury is the theme of the day with a good showing of pattern and texture mixing.

- Brunello Cucinelli 50% wool 20% silk 30% linen blend gray suit with subtle blue undertones.

- Cotton blue\green plaid shirt by Isaia with cut-away collar.

- Paisley print\woven tie, this is one of the most expensive way to make neckwear, notice the iridescent dot pattern on top of the paisley.

- Steel and pear wood fountain pen by Germany’s iconic Faber Castell.

- Pebble grain chestnut brown four eyelet plain-toe shoes by Ferragamo.


K-Pop does the 18th century. So I was watching the K-Pop video for BigBang’s “Fantastic Baby” (don’t judge me!) and saw these two outfits and immediately knew I had to blog them. Totally not 18th century of course, but I think they’re a fantastic look at a modern interpretation of the 18th century style.

The top looks very much like an 18th century banyan circa 1770s. Take a look at this red banyan for comparison.

The bottom is a 21st century interpretation of a late 18thc (circa 1790s, very early 1800s) French suit. Take a look at this green suit with ivory waistcoat and you can see how the cut is very similar to that of the K-Pop version above.

But y'all never thought I’d blog K-Pop here did you?

Miss Fisher’s Fabulous Frocks Outfit Recap - Season 1, Episode 2 - “Murder on the Ballarat Train”

Phryne is a little more restrained in this episode, with only eight total costume changes, as opposed to the 13 different ensembles in episode one (Season 1, Episode 1 Outfit Recap here).

Outfit #1 - Gray jacket with floral skirt and shirt and red camisole

Outfit #2 - Navy floral shirt with white pants and linen jacket and hat

Outfit #3 - Gold velvet shirt with white pants and feather boa

Outfit #4 - Brown and pink kimono

Outfit #5 - Cream assuit, white shirt and pants, green sea anemone brooch

Outfit #6 - Purple wrap dress with silver damask

Outfit #7 - Gray asymmetrical flowing shirt, linen jacket and hat

Outfit #8 - Black bolero with gold designs over green silk undershirt and black pants

anonymous asked:

how can I get a style similar to the Olsens?

super easy! their shapes/colors/textures are pretty consistent. black/off white/creams/grays, lot’s of linens, wool, knits, denim. always layers, over the top oversized silhouettes. some easy examples: black sweater dress / big big scarves / white & black & denim/chambray short sleeve button up shirts / black loafers / pointed toe kitten heels / backless mule sandals / bf blazer / black trousers / emerald colored jewelry ….. when i see them more relaxed it’s like oversized t-shirts or button ups, a bf jean, and thong birkenstocks

they do a lot of mixing w textures & volume in one outfit so think … faux leather pants with a denim button up top & a feathered vest & fedora. honestly if you keep in the color palette and stick w oversized looks you have it.