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Diamond Dogs (Pt. 3) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: YO! Can you please make another part to Diamond Dogs? I love your writing and all the aus that you do! Thanks boo!


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Why are mob boss’ houses always so…big? You don’t wanna say Barry lives in a mansion, but Barry lives in a mansion! Your room alone is basically the size of your entire apartment! Tugging on your knitted gray sweater, your striped socks slide on the dark hardwood floor, bringing to the double doors of the dining room.

Pressing your ear to the dark brown door, you can make out muffled voices on the other side. “Tell Zolomon he can go fuck himself.” Barry’s voice spits over the sound of the wood bottoms of his shoes pacing. There’s a pause. “Nah, nah, nah, you misunderstood me so, I’m gonna say it again, okay? Open ya ears this time. Zolomon ain’t gettin’ anything from my goddamn house, especially her. He asks again, I’ll make sure he gets the message myself.” Something drops on the table, you assume the phone, and he sighs.

Gulping, you debate on whether you should knock or not. Yes, it’s time for dinner, but after that phone call, would Barry want to be left alone? Did this kind of thing happen regularly? Well, here goes nothing; you cautiously knock on the door, quietly, so he wouldn’t be disrupted. The double doors slide open and your face to face with Cisco. You wiggle your fingers shyly, earning a slight nod from him as he allows you to enter.

Carefully, you take a few steps into the room, gawking a bit. It has high ceilings like the rest of the house with dark chocolate brown walls and a long table to match; potted plants are scattered throughout the room. Barry motions for you to take a seat at the opposite head of the table, furthest from him; his dark button down revealing the gold chain on his neck. Instead, you walk towards him, sitting on the chair at his right. “That was kinda far if it’s just us eating.” you explain, scrunching your nose as you shrug.

His bubblegum pink tongue slides across his top teeth while his green eyes stare at you for a moment. Awkwardly, you blow your cheeks out, gazing around the room, taking everything in. “So…” you start off, watching his thumb fiddle with the silver ring on his pinky finger. “Who’s Zolomon…?” you ask quietly, unsure if that’s a question you should be asking.

Barry sucks in a breath, eyeing Cisco when he brings out the two plates, setting the elegant dinnery in front of the both of you. “Thanks, Cisco. Have a nice night, bud.” he nods; Cisco cracks a little smile, exiting. His long pale fingers wrap around the fork and knife, digging into his steak and taking a bite. “Zolomon is a man you don’t need to worry about.” he mutters as he chews, pointing his fork at you, “Don’t be afraid of him either. He’s all talk, alright?” You nod and he goes back to his food, cutting the meat. “Now on, everywhere I go, you go, understood?”

You blink for a second, lips morphing into a scowl. “I’m not your property, Barry! You can’t just - you can’t just force me to do…things because you say so!” you fume, rising from your chair, hands gripping the edge of the table.

His jaw tenses and he places the silverware down, standing up. His face looks dark, almost on the verge of evil. The ten long fingers bend on the brown wood table, showing off the eight rings he  has on. “Do you want to die?” You shake your head. “Thought so. I’m doing everything to protect you from injury. That is why you need to be by my side at all times, do I make myself clear?” he asks through gritted teeth. Gulping, you nod your head. “Good.”

How to dress like a Hogwarts student

1-  Obtain the ordinary clothing. The Hogwarts uniform has many separate components, so pretty much all of the small details are optional because it would hardly be noticeable if they were missing. Be as thorough as you want to be with this. The items you can find in an average clothing store are:
     A plain white button-up shirt
     A dark gray; knitted v-neck sweater or cardigan or sleeveless sweater vest
     Dark gray trousers, or a skirt around knee-length
     Black tights or stockings (with skirt)
     Black shoes
     Dark gray socks
     Black robe

2-  Obtain the accessories. Now that you’ve got the main parts of the costume, it’s time to accessorize.
     First the house tie (striped red and gold, green and silver, yellow and black or blue and silver, according to whichever house you’re in)
     Second the pointed black hat
     Third the wand