gray hawk

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hawke just kisses his greying temples and tells him hes still beautiful and lovely (optional fenders/fenhanders addition: they joke about matching fenris’ hair one day)

YES. at first, anders would probably be a bit self conscious abt it, but i also think he’d be a bit excited? bc he never expected to live long enough for this, growing old with the person/people he loves the most. also, fenris looks great with the silver hair, so matching him wont be too bad


The last 2 cards of the major arcana are finished!!! The tower is a gray hawk eagle and strength is a great blue heron. I also added a re design of the moon card that will not be used in this deck, I made it as a gift for my boyfriend. I think I would not mind continuing to do copies or redesigns of cards for people. So if you’d like an original card or an original copy of one of the designs from my deck please contact me about that 😉

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Can I have an imagine where Kyoya finds out his SO has wings? (In my mind they'd look like a Gray Hawks') btw I LOVE YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL PANCAKE


As per usual, you were laying in bed reading with Kyoya’s fingers tracing over the lines on your arms and back - sharp outlines of hawk’s feathers, soft grey details within the lines. “Tell me, little bird. Would you fly away if you ever had the chance?”

You consider for a moment before answering. “Not during the day, at least. I mean, have you seen X-Men? They don’t exactly treat people like me very well.”

His fingers stop on your skin, and he asks, “What do you mean, ‘people like you’?”

“Er, special people. Those aren’t just tattoos, you know. My wings are real.” You turn to look at him, his face twisted minutely in confusion.

“Real.” He repeats, skepticism heavy in his voice.

“Absolutely. Would you like to see them?”

“I….I suppose so.”

“Okay. We might want to do this outside though.” Once in the backyard - perfectly safe, what with the towering walls of a fence surrounding you - you hold your arms out, lifted straight up from your sides. You whisper the words of the old world, the words your grandmother taught you and her grandmother taught her and back for generations in such a manner, and feel the tingling settle through your skin. 

The lines on your arms and your back fill with light, black lights suddenly incredibly luminescent, and in a matter of moments the light is shooting off of you, twisting and shifting and growing until it settles into a distinct shape: that of gigantic wings, remarkably similar to those of a hawk. With a single flap, the light is gone, and all that is left are the wings sprouted from your back.

Kyoya is speechless. He has too many questions, entirely unsure of what to ask first, realizing that everything he knew about the world has suddenly changed. 

What he asks first is, “How?”

When you explain to him that a very, very, very long time ago, back when magic still ran rampant on the surface of the earth, your father’s family was cursed by a jealous young witch to have wings. They went to see another witch, this one rumored to have the purest magic in the world, to see about the curse being removed, but alas: so long as the jealous witch’s blood flowed, the curse would remain until the end of time. 

So the old witch taught your ancestors a spell to keep the wings hidden, so that they would appear only as tattoos. “And that’s why I have wings. When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to show anyone the skin of my back, or my upper arms, because ‘What kind of family allows such a small child to get tattoos?’ and all that.” 

Kyoya’s still moderately stunned. “Magic.” He says slowly, the word running over his tongue. “Is there still magic?”

“Well, yes. Magic can neither be created or destroyed, kind of like energy. I don’t know of anyone who practices, save for shamans and that sort, and wiccans perhaps, but it mostly runs through the earth now, instead of through people. My family doesn’t really consider ourselves to have magic - after all, the good witch only gave us the power to hide our wings. We’re pretty normal aside from that.”

“Well,” Kyoya says, taking in a deep breath, “I think you’re pretty magical either way. As Nekozawa might say, I believe you’ve bewitched me.”