gray hare

@hoopsheartthrob continuation of this

The sounds of soft footsteps closing in on him had the old gray hare grinning to himself. And here he thought he was going to have a boring day alone in the wide expanse of the empty school. The moment a soft and supple body against his back his smug grin grew even bigger before he started laughing good-naturedly. He raised one of the dainty hands resting at his clavicle and gave it an affectionate little kiss before turn in her embrace to face her, returning the casual entrapment with his own hands hanging lazily about her waist.

“And what a pleasant surprise it is~.”

His ears perked at the mention of food and he flashed her a pleased smile.

“I think de paperwork won’t miss me too bad if we take a lil break. Afteh all, it’s a be-U-tiful day out. How bout we take dose munchables out to de football field and enjoy a lil sun?”