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[The Gray Garden] Ciel and Lost Headcanon + Explanation [updates]

[UPDATE 21/07/2015] I fixed up the links to some images except for the very last one. Unfortunately I can no longer access the link but I am willing to re-play the graveyard scene in TGG and find the tombstone myself!! I had theories for Sherbet and Yosaflame and Cranber and Rigatona but unfortunately the pages in my book have been lost. I sort of re-wrote them but they aren’t as big as this headcanon. Thanks for reading anyways!! ^o^] 


I don’t normally post headcanons but for some reason I have a lot of Gray Garden ones. One that I’d like to share is about Ciel and Lost.

**Warning, Spoilers ahead**

Before I do this, I’ll explain who these two are.

  • Ciel (Left) is Chelan’s past self. It’s obvious because of their similar designs (And that they both own the same hair accessory.)
  • Lost (Right) is Dialo’s past self. Again, Lost and Dialo share similar designs (Such as the horns, the eyes, etc). I wasn’t sure what the other half of Lost’s design was so I gave a guess.

Ciel, Lost, and some other characters (Rigatona, Sherbet, Yosaflame and Cranber) were apart of the Angel and Demon war; This was the time where Etihw and Kcalb were “sworn enemies, and also the time where the world was almost destroyed by Kcalb.

On Etihw’s side, she had Wodahs, Grora, Sherbet (Froze’s past self), Rigatona (Macarona’s past self) and Ciel.

On Kcalb’s side, he had Ater, Arbus, Yosaflame (Yosafire’s past self), Cranber (Rawberry AND Raspbel’s past selves) and Lost.

It appears that these characters had to kill each other , as ordered from both Etihw and Kcalb since they’re the ones responsible for this whole war.

This was probably why these two fought.


Alright! Here comes the Headcanons! ┗(・ω・;)┛

Before the war happened,  Demons and Angels lived happily in their own worlds. Etihw ruled her own Angel world while Kcalb ruled his own Demon world. No angels or demons have encountered each other face to face, except for two pairs.

Of course Kcalb and Etihw saw each other, if they didn’t, none of their underlings wouldn’t be dead right now. Ciel and Lost would be the other pair that saw each other.

Ciel and Lost were secretly lovers back then, it was impossible for them to be together around their people because if they were seen, they’d probably get killed.

BUT, there was one location where it was safe for them to be together, which was by this hilltop with a big apple tree on top. Of course no Angel or Demon bothered going there because the Tree marked the border between Etihw’s world and Kcalb’s world. The demons HATED the angels back then, while the angels felt the same hatred for demons.

How Ciel and Lost met and fell in love with each other was by Ciel’s singing. Before, Ciel would come around that same apple tree because she was too shy to sing around other angels, so she would sing alone by her favorite apple tree. Lost would also come around that same apple tree to gather some ingredients (which was, of course, apples.) since there were so many on that tree. Until one day, Lost heard Ciel’s singing voice, and was distracted by how beautiful her voice was.

However, Lost was a little bit surprised with where that voice came from, because it was a voice that was coming from an actual Angel. When Lost and Ciel saw each other, Ciel was afraid and thought that Lost would kill her. He didn’t mean no harm, and was only passing by to gather apples; Instead of leaving, he sat down and talked to the angel. And that’s when they slowly started to like each other.

They would always visit that same apple tree, and Lost would sometimes bring baked goodsfor Ciel, since she loved them so much.

Eventually, Etihw found out about Ciel’s secret, and talked to her about it. She believed that it was nice that Ciel fell in love with someone, but it was also a bad thing because she could put her life in danger and would probably get killed for being around a demon. Kcalb found out too (Maybe Ater and Arbus caught him? or maybe Yosaflame?) , which angered him, and demanded Lost to never go near that tree ever again. Lost had a hard time listening to Kcalb at that moment because he was truly in love with Ciel.

This caused Kcalb to go talk to Etihw at the border of their worlds to discuss about two of their people meeting up with each other. Kcalb REFUSES to have any of his demons having physical contact with any Angels. Etihw had no problem with Ciel being with Lost because she didn’t see anything wrong with it, other than Kcalb making up all these laws about how his demons should not be near any kind of creature that isn’t his kind. Etihw wanted nothing but peace, but Kcalb refused to accept it. So he declared war.

When the war started, there was no time for Lost and Ciel to visit each other and be together in peace. Lost was forced to work for Kcalb at the time while Ciel was requested to work for Etihw. They fought at the border of the Demon world and the Angel world.

The order went like this:

  1. Ater ⇄ Grora 
  2. Cranber ⇄ Rigatona
  3. Arbus ⇄ Wodahs
  4. Yosaflame ⇄ Sherbet
  5. Lost ⇄ Ciel
  6. Etihw ⇄ Kcalb

After Kcalb and Etihw’s new underlings were killed, Lost and Ciel were the last ones alive. (excluding Ater, Arbus, Wodahs and Grora since they were dismissed from fighting, probably.) The reason why these two didn’t fight was because they can’t. Both of them were afraid of losing each other, and they didn’t want to hurt each other either.

Etihw was the only one who knew about these lovers. Since these two were the main reasons why the war started, Etihw tried to talk it out.

“Ciel and Lost were nothing but lovers, and were no threat to each other. They were innocent, and only wanted to be together. Their love for each other was so strong that none of them were able to draw out their weapons.”

Etihw tried to make Kcalb understand what was going on, and tried to tell him that Love shouldn’t be separated by force, and that he should leave it alone in peace. Kcalb obviously didn’t approve of this because all he cared about was that an Angel tried to be with one of his Demons and that Etihw should pay for it. Kcalb got sick of all of this and ended up killing Ciel, the Angel who kept meeting up with Lost. Since Lost refused to kill her himself.

Both Etihw and Lost stood there in shock and shortly after Kcalb killed Ciel, Lost ran towards Ciel’s body to see her one last time. He then tried to kill Kcalb himself, but ended up getting himself killed too because one, he charged himself at Kcalb and tried to kill him and two, Lost was a betrayer to Kcalb.

Etihw didn’t want any more of this because the innocents (Her and Kcalb’s underlings) have been killed and was so angry that she used up all her power to use it on Kcalb. This is when she seals Kcalb away.

But, Etihw doesn’t beat up Kcalb yet.

She walks around the deserted area and walked around all these dead bodies, who were once Etihw and Kcalb’s underlings. She couldn’t believe that all of them got killed, and felt bad for all of them. So she decided to do something for all of them. Her one wish was that if she were to ever re-create the world, she would want no fighting. No wars, no violence, nothing. All she wants was that everyone will come together in peace and live happily together.

She then beats the ever living sh*t out of Kcalb for killing the innocent, and makes a deal with him. If Kcalb agrees to make peace with Etihw, he’ll live. If not, he’ll continue to suffer in the darkness.He chose to live.

Since Etihw and Kcalb agreed to make peace with each other, they re-created the world together and succeeded.

Kcalb and Etihw also made reincarnates of their underlings, and surprisingly each and every one of them became good friends with each other.

Lost and Ciel have been reincarnated into Dialo and Chelan, and Etihw decided that they should live together. Dialo continues to make pastries for Chelan and her friends, while Chelan stays by Dialo’s side at all times. Though she’s more shy than Ciel, and actually doesn’t talk at all.

BUT, the only one who knows what Chelan sounds like, is Dialo. Dialo also seems to be the only one who understands what Chelan is saying.

And apparently, Chelan also has a pretty voice. Just like Ciel.

So yeah that’s what I think (´Д`)… please dont kill me

**What’s interesting is that Lost and Ciel were buried next to each other in the graveyard in TGG** <- Link no longer available.

gray garden au where everything’s the same except everyone but emalf wears shades. keep up nerd

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