Fairy Tail Chapter 541 Reaction

Fun fact 1: The first joke was supposed to be a joke about America’s Next Top Model (made by my friend) but I scrapped it last minute. So now Acnologia canonly has not friends.

Fun fact 2: The last joke was supposed to be Freed saying “Why are we making the Exceeds look for it? Can they even read?” But I forgot to draw the Exceeds…. so…

Little reminder that Lucy has saved the guild many times including Natsu

-Eclipse Arc (future lucy warned Natsu and the others then present Lucy closed the eclipse gate with the help of Yukino)

-Tartaros Arc (Summoned the Celestial Spirit King and he canceled the Alegria spell releasing everyone from it)

-Alvarez empire Arc (tricked Jacob and used Gemini to transform into Marin so that she could use his magic to bring them back) +REWROTE END
AND now she’s found a method to stop Acnologia

. I’ve Got You .

Full Summary: “‘You’re safe now, Luce,’ Natsu said softly, pressing his face into her hair as she buried her own in his shoulder and cried. His voice was a soothing rumble. 'I’ve got you.’” Upon leaving the building in which she and her friends were working for the night,  Lucy finds herself in serious trouble.

Author’s Note: This is based off of a nightmare I had last night.  It freaked me out and scared me half to death, so.  I wrote it out.  It actually ended half-way through the one-shot, but I continued it rather than stopping. ;)  The * marks where the nightmare ended.

“Come on, Luce,” the voice that belonged to her closest companion urged, “give me like five more minutes and I’ll be done.” Beside her, his onyx eyes blazed with a hopeful look, yet there was a hint of seriousness in the back of them as he ran a hand through his pink hair.

Lucy’s lips quirked with amusement, knowing that “five minutes” in Natsu Dragneel’s terms really meant something along the lines of “another few hours”. Shaking her head, she told him, “Really, Natsu, I’ll be fine. I promise.” She smiled encouragingly and gave him a playful wink. He frowned, not looking convinced, and she held up her phone, wiggling it in his face. “See? I’ll call you when I get home.”

She could understand his concern, of course. It was nearing ten at night. It was dark enough to not notice shadows that shouldn’t be there, and with the strange disappearances going on, it would have been smarter on her behalf to wait for at least the petite Levy McGarden to get done so that they could walk to their cars together.

But Lucy had promised to be home hours ago, and her father was all ready getting irritable about the matter. So she gave Natsu a firm look and poked his arm. “I’ll be fine, Natsu.”

He looked unsure, but nodded. “I guess if you’re sure…” He ruffled her blonde hair, earning himself an agitated look. He only laughed and then pressed his forehead to hers in a brief touch. She softened. “Be careful, okay?”

“Okay,” she murmured, reaching up to touch his cheek for a moment before turning away.

“Don’t forget to call me when you get home!”

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Are you only talking about their position in ‘bed’ or their relationship? Either way, I see them as an equal or vague (nobody knows who the uke/seme) like when I drew them here. It also depends on their behavior as uke/seme! Yea it’s really easier to explain with drawings above.

If I really have to choose; I’m more comfortable with uke Natsu than uke Gray. Btw, I imagine drunk gratsu once lol they became ooc. 

  • Lucy: Hey gray
  • Juvia: L O V E R I V A L
  • Gray: Hey what's up
  • Lucy: I was just wondering what you were doing tonight? We're having a par-
  • Juvia: L O V E R I V A L
  • Gray: I'm actually going on a date tonight sorry
  • Lucy: that's okay, tell me how it goes!
  • Juvia: L O V E R I- wait what
  • Juvia: Gray you're going on a date?
  • Gray: Most likely
  • Gray: i waS GOING TO ASK YOU
  • Juvia: oh.
  • Juvia: OH YES
FT 541

Dragon slayers vs. Acnologia will surely be the best thing in the world. And now, Lucy’s plan is bomb! But y'all know what? Pretty sure Mashima just gonna let Erza or Gray or somebody take her plan and fight Acnologia and Lucy ain’t gonna do anything like always. I swear, if Lucy isn’t the one who fight Acnologia imma fight Mashima. What do y'all think will happen?

me @ Mashima if Lucy doesn’t get her really epic fight

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