gray eyes

I feel like we’re always talking about Phil’s eyes. Occasionally we’l talk about Dan’s eyes. But have you seen Pj’s eyes?? 

I mean

they’re the color of rainclouds 

they’re like a stormy day at sea

and sometimes they can be the prettiest shade of blue

and they’re gorgeous in all lighting


I just love Pj Liguori’s eyes

Looking him in the eyes
Is like dancing with a star.
It stars off smoothly,
His eyes
Sweeping you off your feet,
Taunting you,
Daring you
To get close enough
To know him.

And as you get closer,
The gravitational
Becomes evident.
You find yourself being pulled in,
Unable to escape.
Not that you’d want to anyways.

And your pulse grows faster,
Each blink of his
Spinning you world.
Each fluttering glance
Driving you mad.
And you realize something…
He lights up your life.

You don’t want him to leave.
He brings colour to your world.
He add real meaning to life.
Though he may be hot,
And passionate,
He is also giving,
And warm.
He is your entire world.
And you love him.

—  Morge (The Horror of Being Real)