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Pls help spread) There has been misinformation about the voting method for Soribada Awards and I would like to correct.

▪Photo (1): “You have voted for BTS in the New Hallyu Popularity Award category.”
White text in blue button: “Apply for a ticket” (to the Soribada award show)
Small gray text: “Free users can vote once per day, paid users can vote 3 times per day”

↑This popup window appears after you click the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button (photo (3)). It’s to inform that you have successfully voted for BTS in this category and your vote has been counted. There’s no need to click the blue “티켓 응모하기” (Apply for a ticket) button. This button is for people who want to get a ticket to the award show, it is not the confirmation button and you don’t have to click it at all.

▪Photo (2): “You have exceeded your voting capacity for today. Please try again tomorrow.”
Gray text below: “Invite friends to vote”
Small gray text: “Free users can vote once per day, paid users can vote 3 times per day”

↑This popup window appears after you have voted successfully and click the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button again. It’s to inform that you have used all of your votes for today. It is not the confirmation window.

There is no confirmation button or confirmation window for the Soribada voting. Everything you need to do is clicking the gray “투표하기” (Vote) button (like in the 3rd photo) and wait for the popup window in the 1st photo to appear, then turn it off by clicking the X button and that’s it, your vote has been registered.

Marble Hornets eBay Masterpost

If you are a Marble Hornets fan and enjoy either cosplay or collecting memorabilia (or both!), you’re in luck! I’m currently auctioning off several props and clothing items that I wore/used in the series, and this is the post where I will be adding links to each eBay listing. Be sure to bookmark this post to check for updates! Just click the text beneath each photo to go to the eBay listing.


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Jacket


Marble Hornets - Tim’s Mug


  Marble Hornets - Gray Plaid Button-Up Shirt (Entry #53)


Marble Hornets - Blue Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #61)


Marble Hornets - Red Henley Shirt (Entry #66)


Marble Hornets - Red Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #63)


Marble Hornets - Gray Ringer T-Shirt (Entry #69)


TimMan’s Rollerblades - Troy Moves Out

people always look at me funny when I tell them my favorite color is gray. but what they don’t understand is that I mean the gray that is in between lightening strikes. the color of the stillness between the chaos. the gray in the clouds that bring me comfort on days like these. because even the sky is tormented sometimes.


Sarah’s many looks from Season 1

Sarah had the most screen time and and the most outfit changes of Season 1. For Beth, she wore mostly navy blue items layered under a classic trench coat or wool peacoat. Many Beth and Sarah looks overlapped, as she would often be wearing “Beth” clothes while talking to Siobhan or Felix as herself, and “Sarah” clothes when talking to Paul (such as the clash shirt and leopard tank) or Art (such as her combat boots or black beanie) while pretending to be Beth. 
Sarah’s wardrobe came from a variety of stores, some of the top stores being Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Aritzia. For Beth, she wore items mostly from J Crew and Banana Republic.

Top items: (as Sarah) Cage bralette, striped tank, leather jacket, clash tee, plaid hooded shirt, ombre jeans
Top items: (as others) gray sweater dress, pink button down

That Life [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: what about earth one Barry going to earth 2 and seeing all the kids earth 2 Barry and the reader have and realising he wants the same thing with earth one reader.

a/n: ahhhhhhhhhhh man ahhhh man

Cisco walks with Barry into Earth 2 CCPD, scouting out the perimeter. Something catches his eye and his jaw drops. “Dude. I see your double.” the engineer breathes, smacking Barry’s chest with the back of his tan hand. “And he’s not alone.” he chuckles, leaning to the side, gray button down fluttering around his torso.

Puffing out air, the speedster glances in the general direction. “Yeah, okay-”

“No, Barry, look!” Cisco grumbles, grabbing his friends face. “There’s like-” he pauses, counting the number of bodies. “Five kids with him?! Geez… Iris must be poppin’- or…not.” Cisco slinks back, watching Eddie kiss Iris. Frowning, he pushes his sleek black hair behind his ear. “Huh. I wonder whose kids they are…” he mutters.

With wide eyes, Barry watches the other him laugh, repositioning the toddler on his hip. Gasping, he quickly hides behind the wall with Cisco. “I think those are my kids?” Cisco cocks an eyebrow, peeking around the corner. “I have a lot of kids…” he mutters, chuckling as the taller girl hops on Earth 2 Barry’s back, wrapping her arms around his neck. “They’re… really cute. Wow, I make cute babies with…you know…” he shrugs, red hoodie slipping off his shoulder.

But the last time his doppelgänger was with Iris? Maybe something changed? “Dad… I swear I just saw you over there…” the older son mumbles, blue eyes shifting to the side. Earth 2 Barry frowns, spinning on his heel, younger girl clinging to his leg. “But you were dressed…normal. Right Jace?” he asks; the brunette boy nods.

“Luca, I’m sure you were just…imagining it…” Earth 2 Barry reassures, shaking his head. A phone rings and he sighs. “Luca- thanks.” he mutters, seeing his son pull out his phone from the pocket of his tan slacks, pressing it to his ear. “Hey love…. Y/N, calm d- Wait, now?! You’re having them now?! IRIS I NEED YOU TO WATCH THE KIDS, THE TRIPLETS ARE COMING!” he shouts, glasses dropping down the bridge of his nose as he scrambles to the door.

The speedster’s eyes pop out of his head and he gasps at Cisco. “Y/N… Triplets?!” he whisper-shouts, holding his forehead, leaning against the wall for support. “I’m married to Y/N….and we have…eight kids…..jesus…” he breathes, laughing quietly. “Cisco… I want that kind of life…” he mutters, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion.

Cisco gulps, “Please don’t have that many kids. I can’t handle that kinda stress…” he shakes his head.

My Favorite Color Is You

Ronan/Adam, 2.3K words, Rated Mature (here on AO3)

Well, folks, I finally caved. I read The Raven Cycle (thanks @exhuastedpigeon), fell in love with Ronan/Adam (as one does), and just had to write some fic. I had a couple ideas that just wouldn’t leave my brain, so there’s this one and then another one that I hope to have posted soon. ❤️

“So…why are we here?”

Ronan frowns harder, if that’s possible, and stares down at his menu. Glares down at it, actually, as if the descriptions of sustainably-raised pork shoulder and thoughtfully-prepared duck breast are offensive to him. Which they probably are.

“Appetizer?” he asks, in lieu of answering the question, and the sheer incredulity of it—Ronan Lynch in a fancy restaurant, asking him about appetizers—makes Adam want to laugh. “We can split the calamari.”

“Sure,” Adam says slowly. He’s evidently in some kind of alternate universe. “We can split the calamari.”

Driving up to the Barns is Adam’s all-time favorite view.

It’s true all the time, but it’s even more true when Adam is coming back after being away at school. (Exponentially more true when it’s been seven weeks, not that he’s counting.) The colors are more saturated here, closer to what colors are supposed to be, and it seems to always be sunny when he comes home—he’s not sure if that’s a coincidence or not.

He hastily parks the car and hops up the stairs, but the door whips open before he even crosses the porch. His face automatically relaxes into a smile at the sight of Ronan, lounging and taking up all the space in the doorway, then his gaze drifts down. Ronan’s wearing nice gray slacks, a blue button-down, and a tie. He looks good, obviously, but it’s unusual enough that Adam pauses.

They have an unspoken tradition for nights that Adam comes home, and Ronan wearing nice clothes usually isn’t a part of it. Ronan wearing clothes at all usually isn’t a part of it.

“Hi,” he says anyway, ignoring the clothes for the moment as he steps forward. Ronan wraps him up in a hug, blessedly familiar even after 51 days apart. His arms are tight, and Adam feels all his pieces snap together again, here on this porch. It doesn’t seem that Ronan will be letting go anytime soon, so Adam twists in his grip to press their lips together. It’s fierce but short, and Adam chases Ronan’s mouth when he pulls back. His eyes catch on the tie around Ronan’s neck, and he touches his collar. “So what’s going on with the whole…”

“We’re going out,” Ronan says abruptly. “You should change.”

“Going out,” Adam repeats. Going out isn’t usually a thing that they do, especially dressed like that. Did he forget about some kind of event with Declan or something?

Ronan nods and releases Adam enough to usher him inside the house. “And hurry. We have a reservation.”

A reservation, Adam mouths as he climbs the stairs. His nicest shirt is in his dorm room, he thinks, but he’s able to scrounge up a decent enough outfit out of the closet in the bedroom, in which his clothes are thoroughly mixed with Ronan’s.

The drive is a little awkward, awkward like it hasn’t been since they first started dating, back when they weren’t really sure how to interact with each other under the guise of their redefined relationship. But Adam asks about Opal, and about the farm, as if they don’t talk at least twice a day already, and Ronan perks up a little.

They arrive at a restaurant that Adam’s never been to before, one at the edge of town that looks fancy and vaguely Italian. Ronan strides toward the front door of the restaurant, but Adam’s pace falters behind him as something occurs to him.

Ronan’s not…he can’t be proposing, right? Sure, Adam loves Ronan practically more than life itself, and they do a mostly-successful job co-parenting a mostly-human child. He’s always assumed that some kind of official partnership thing was in their future—and based on the secret conversations they have in bed with the lights off, the ones they don’t repeat anywhere else, he knows Ronan feels the same—but he expected that future to be a little more…in the future. After Adam’s graduated from college, at least.

He tries to shove that thought from his mind and catches up to Ronan in the front waiting area, where he’s hissing Lynch, 8:30 at the poor hostess. She leads them to a table for two in the corner, complete with a white tablecloth and a goddamn candle. At least Ronan doesn’t try to pull his chair out or anything.

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private tutor | part two (m)

request from anon: Can I request a namjoon in college!au? It can be about anything! Maybe a tutor? Thanks and I love your writing!!

part one // part two

Originally posted by 901jjk

[Namjoon x Reader]

Genre: College!au, Humor, Smut

Words: 4730

—> “Y/n, I only tutor if it’s a mutual reciprocation; I give and you give. I have already tutored you for majority of the afternoon – an abundance of my precious time,” he leans in closer, “time to pay up.

A/N: idk how many times i screamed while writing this, but i screamed a lot lol. hope you all enjoy - sorry for taking forever to get this out (and any possible grammar mistakes)! xoxo

Tomorrow comes faster than you anticipate it to.

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The Recruit (Chapter 13) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 75, Part I”

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells, Julian Casablancas, Peter Collins  & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, some dirty talking, fluff, kissing, cursing, i assumeeeee..

A.N.: I’ve written three chapters of Mitch and Y/N on their first day in New York, while on break, so far and they are literally my favorite things in the world. I hope you enjoy them too.

Summary: The recruits get released for a weeklong Spring break. Mitch and Y/n go to New York.

Chapter Twelve - Chapter Thirteen - Chapter Fourteen

Originally posted by onlyanotherbloog

“Alright, Y/n, what do you have?” Stan asked, standing in the front of their classroom. You had done this three years in a row now and already knew that your cover story worked. “I am going to go up to Manhattan to see my friends from Columbia and just like the past two years, my cover is that I work for the State Department and work overseas a lot and that’s why I am never all that accessible and cannot talk about my work in detail.”

“And as always, that works for me.. Enjoy your break.” Stan said, as you sat down and folded your arms, waiting for the next person to share their cover story. “Remember, the cover story needs to be good enough that it could be real but won’t elicit too many unanswerable questions from even your nosiest family member. It’s for your protection, their protection and the protection of the Agency… Who’s next? Julian?”

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Yes Sir Part 4

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten 
Part 4: The Lecture

Sexual tension is high as Professor Winchester and Reader attend a school event. Hiding their feelings turns out to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Series Masterlist

Warnings: Explicit Smut. Fluff. NSFW. Language, multiple orgasms, oral sex, dirty talk, anal play, fingering, John being super hot. WC: 4562 On AO3 Images aren’t mine but I sure as hell appreciate their creators. 

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining‘s Sam Winchester’s Birthday Challenge. (Sorry Sammy, your dad took over the prompt LOL Happy Bday tho, love ya) Song prompt is Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet, which ending up inspiring the last scene. Thank you to everyone that has commented, reblogged, liked this series! Without your encouragement I wouldn’t be writing it. xoxo Enjoy :) 

“Oh look, Professor hottie is here.”

I turned away from my friend Jo’s teasing comment and looked up the aisle. People milled about in the hallway and auditorium, a quiet hum of voices filling the open space. But between all of that was Professor Winchester.

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