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Percy Jackson Gods Fancast

This is what I do instead of homework.

I tried to be canon. Description from the Camp Half-Blood Wiki. 

Zeus - ian Somerhalder

“Tall, imposing, and very muscular, with long black shoulder-length hair with a gray-and-black neatly trimmed beard and electric blue eyes.”

Poseidon - David Giuntoli 

“Black hair, a neatly trimmed beard, sea-green eyes, and a nice tan, as well as "smile crinkles” around his eyes and cheeks.“

Hades - Ben Barnes

"Albino white skin, intense black eyes, and shoulder-length black hair.”

Athena - Jennifer Connelly

“Very beautiful, with long black hair and intense gray eyes.”

Artemis - Keira Knightley

“Auburn hair and eyes as silvery as the moon.”

Hermes - Patrick Dempsey 

“A middle-aged man, fit with salt-and-pepper hair, blue eyes, elfish features, and a sly grin.”

Ares - Jensen Ackles (but with a buzzcut) 

“Handsome with scarred cheeks and tall with an oiled crew cut.”

Hera - Charlize Theron

“Long, silver hair, brown eyes, tall, graceful, and incredibly beautiful.”

Hephaestus - Michael Ealy

“A huge and ugly lump of a man with his shoulders at different heights.”

Makeup will be needed. 

Demeter - Carey Mulligan 

“Long, wavy hair as blonde as ripe wheat, as well as large brown eyes.”

Apollo - Chris Hemsworth 

“Sandy hair, a bright cocky smile, and outdoorsy good looks.”

Aphrodite - Lupita Nyong'o

“Personification of beauty, and appears to others as their personal epitome of physical attraction which is why her true appearance is unknown.”

I can’t touch Mr. D