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Peaky Blinders Premiere.

(I have just been informed that the top photo of Tom Hardy isn’t from the PB premiere it is instead from the Locke premiere. Apologies for the mistake……. he still looks hot though 😜)

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Reader X Arthur Shelby

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The Peaky Blinders warn you that this imagine contains SMUT SMUT SMUT and strong language. Readers discretion is advised.

The golden band around your finger fit just so as you twisted it around admiring it so fondly. Your mind replayed the day’s events over and over again as if in disbelief that this was actually real.

“I hope yer ain’t getting second thoughts about marrying me.” Arthur grunted as he removed his jacket and undid his tie.

“Not at all! I just can’t believe it’s really happened, I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and find that it’s all been just a dream.” You looked up smiling at him.

“Yer better believe it, yer stuck with my sorry ass for the rest of your days.” He said grinning as he lifted up your giggling frame, placing you on your back on the bed.

Hovering above you, Arthur ran his hand from your head to your legs as he explored the natural curvature of your body, his eyes closed memorising your sweet perfume as his nose and moustache ticked the inside of your neck. Your breath began to hitch as Arthur’s hand caressed your smooth skin below your wedding dress, his touches becoming more frantic as the twinges in his groin intensified.
Sensing his growing frustration with the barrier to your body created by the dress, you hastily - if not slightly clumsily - removed it. With that Arthur took a moment to sit gently above you, allowing his hungry blue eyes to roam wantonly over your exposed body.

“Fuckin’ hell, what have I done to deserve a goddess for a wife.” He mumbled in wonderment.

“Show me how much you want me.” You said seductively as you pull him back down to your level. Without further ado Arthur ripped off the remainder of his clothes before spreading your legs far enough to give him perfect access to your entrance. Rubbing your breast in an attempt to distract you from the initial pain, he swiftly penetrated you. Upon waiting few moments he began to thrust into you, gently at first but gradually picking up speed encouraged by your vocal response.

At the speed you both reached, it didn’t take long before stirrings of an orgasm began to take over you like a riptide, sending euphoric sensations coursing throughout your body. Your orgasmic clenching around his length was enough to send Arthur over the edge, screaming your name as his seed spilled fast and warm into you.

Rolling over onto his back, his ragged breathing steadied as his body relaxed. You eventually turned over resting your head in the crook of his neck.

“God that was bloody amazing! I will never understand how a wretched man like me got a woman as damn beautiful as you.” Arthur said kissing the top of your head.

“Never say such a horrid thing like that!” You shot back. “I love you Arthur Shelby, if you were such a wretched man as you claim to be then I would never have married you. Right it’s time we got some sleep, we don’t want to be tired for our honeymoon tomorrow.” You giggled leaning up to plant a loving kiss on his lips.

“I can’t bloody wait! Goodnight sweetheart.” He whispered as he turned to spoon you from behind.


“Stop making it about race”

“Not all white people are racist”

“All lives matter”

“Reverse Racism exists”

Reid: Ask me any, any question.
Man: Return to Tomorrow.
Reid: Return to Tomorrow, season 2, production number 51. An alien entity, Sargon, takes over Kirk’s body while two others take over Spock and Dr. Mulhall’s.
Man: Alien races appearing?
Reid: Trick question. A race is never identified. Sargon is a disembodied mind.
Man: And the Dr. McCoy quote?
[Reid pauses, thinking]
Woman: Five, four, three, two…
Reid: “I will not peddle flesh, I’m a physician.” Drink!
—  Spencer Reid, Grant Anderson, Gina Sharp. Season 2 Episode 14. Criminal Minds quote of the day.
I’ve always found the female characters in Hannibal far more interesting than the male ones, for the record.

Like, yeah, we get it. Will and Hannibal are in love and SOULMATES FOR LIFE~!. 

But Bedelia is an ice cold Hitchcock blonde who is the smartest person on the show yet still insists on engaging in risky, impulsive behavior even though she knows it will probably end in her murder. She simply can’t help herself.

Freddie wants to be the amoral, sociopathic tabloid reporter everyone thinks she is, but her conscience keeps popping up from time to time.

Alana has gone from a nice, sweet, kind person and turned into a cold vamp goth whose goal in life is to stop Hannibal from escaping and killing her. Meanwhile, Margot is a victimized woman who acts cold but is actually very, very vulnerable.

These women are fucking fascinating.  


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