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My favorite thing about 300 Fox Way is that you never quite know how many people are there at once. I mean you remember Blue, Maura, Calla and Persephone well enough, but there is Orla and Jimi every once in a while and then there are random cousins running around and ‘hey Blue your Raven Boys are here’ and sometimes the Gray Man is there and then when you get the Cave Crazies its like how big is this place is everyone packed in like a clown car whats going on


                                        it’s time to say goodbye,                                                                                                  but i think goodbyes are sad and                                                                                                               i’d much rather say hello. hello to a new adventure.


White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)

Shadowhunters (and Magnus) on Tumblr
  • Jace: Only follows blogs with sarcasm & weapons. Only posts about how great he is.
  • Clary: Likes a lot of art stuff, follows inspirational blogs.
  • Simon: Possibly runs a fan blog for D&D. Uses tumblr to keep up with the release of new comics/video games.
  • Isabelle: Follows and runs fashion blogs, also follows blogs with cute guys.
  • Alec: Would have an account for a week before deleting it.
  • Magnus: Runs a blog where he tells stories of his adventures as a warlock. Has a huge fanbase. Anonymously runs a second blog to bash the clave.
  • Will: Runs a blog dedicated to bashing ducks. Has a petition to ban ducks.
  • Jem: Has a blog consisting of reblogs of kittens and photos of Church.
  • Tessa: Uses tumblr to keep in touch with everyone, likes the romantic side of the site.

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GRAY LIKED LUCY BEFORE NATSU: an unpopular opinion

i just realized something after watching an amv of this same topic:

gray liked lucy before natsu.

he had interest in her before anyone in the guild. natsu was the one who brought her to fairy tail but gray was the one who first started to show feelings for her.

i think this was also the case even a little after juvia came into the picture. but, as time went by, he probably noticed how lucy and natsu were getting closer day by day.

i also have the theory that he silently backed off for natsu, because c'mon, they’re really good friends even contradictory to their useless fights.

and it got to the point where gray noticed juvia more and liked her.

Linguistics in DGM

So I know I’ve seen it said somewhere that the exorcists would probably speak multiple languages (and by extension so would… pretty much everyone in the Order tbh).

I imagine it’s a bit of a headache if you’re a newcomer. The Order doesn’t really seem to think too much about its members unless they’re super important, after all, so I doubt they’d provide much by way of lessons.

So you get to the European headquarters and you’re just immediately bombarded with hundreds of languages. One man is shouting at another in German. A woman walks by, greeting you in Greek. And maybe you speak Spanish, but you’re not from Spain; you just transferred over from the North American branch and you can’t decide if the man speaking to you is using idioms from other languages or if that’s just slang in Spain or, hell, if it’s a slang term exclusive to the Order itself because the Order is just a huge blend of languages swirling together, so that could happen.

Please give me Lenalee speaking German or Russian—you know, one of those languages perceived as intimidating. Really, she’s being perfectly friendly, but you don’t understand what’s being said. Trust me, there’s nothing more intimidating than your German-speaking relative bellowing how pretty you are in German and you not understanding (although I highly doubt Lenalee’s going to be bellowing in German).

Please give me Allen trying to fluster some poor schmuck in a game so he just switches languages and starts speaking one of the Latin languages like Italian and it works because of course it does. It’s Allen for crying out loud. When that boy wants to charm you, he is going to charm you—even if it’s in another language.

And you can generally tell how long someone has been at the Order by how many languages they speak or even how garbled their accent is from picking up so many other different accents.

But wait, what about the Clan? Do we think about them? There’s literally thousands of years of memory stored there, guys. You can bet they speak lots of languages.

Sitting in on a dinner with the family might be fun; they might start speaking some ancient languages completely unknown to the world. Or maybe Bondomu starts shouting in an obscure, old dialect of Japanese.

Tyki answers in the same dialect and then looks confused because he most certainly doesn’t even know Japanese in the first place but Wisely just tells him that yes, that is a thing now.

But sometimes, sometimes when things get really serious, Adam will start speaking Hebrew and everyone will get very, very quiet, because that’s the language of the original scripture—Adam is speaking of the past, and their hearts ache when they think of what happened to them, what the Innocence did.