gravy burger


Rosalie: I’m just going to get the usual. A half veggie burger with half real meat burger. One piece of lettuce with the ketchup and mustard on the side with the fries on the burger. Oh and don’t forget to have him deep fry the burger.

Tarren: With extra gravy on the burger. I see it’s the Rosalie special for today. What about you Erik?

Erik: I just want two slices of the pepperoni pizza please. Usual drinks too. Thanks.

Tarren: Coming right up. Hey Earl! Rosalie’s Special! Double dunk in grease dude!

Earl: Oh come on Rosalie! Can’t you order off the menu like a regular person?

Rosalie: When you change your menu I’ll change my order!

Earl sighed as Tarren laughed hard. Erik shook his head while handing the menus back to Tarren.

Erik: One day he is going to come out of that kitchen and whoop you.

Rosalie: Maybe one day but not today he isn’t.

Poutine on the Ritz Burger - (Comes with poutine fries)
Season 2, Episode 9: Beefsquatch

Guaranteed to delight your tastebuds - this all beef patty is cooked in brown gravy, topped with sliced potato fries, fresh cheese curds and ritz cracker crumbs and comes with poutine fries. It may be an unpleasant smattering of orange, tan and brown on the plate - but once you lick it clean you’d never know the difference

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That’s what my Thanksgiving was all about…


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Hope, an RP with Nayomi Hataki

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                                                an RP


                              De Writer and Nayomi Hataki

                            Cover art by theartofscarecrows

                       © 2014 by De Writer and Nayomi Hataki

                                 Writing begun 07/26/14


The New Queen

It was time. The Queen had pumped nearly all of her energy into this one egg, to the point where it was only days from hatching.

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