gravy art


I don’t know why y’all ask me for tutorials, I think mine might be the least helpful in the world haha. TuT  Mostly I just draw the thing people are asking about over and over again.  But!!! @floriani1 and @governmenthookerleaderofamerica, I hope this helps with your nose-drawing woes.

I still struggle with facial feature diversity, including noses (namely at this point I want to give everybody big hooky noses because I LOVE them ahhh) so I feel u guys, fight the good fight.


screenshot redraw!!!
so like, i’ve been really obsessed with Sonic Underground the past few days and decided out of nowhere, while i was screenshotting some Manics, to do a redraw of a part i had paused on while listening to the song “Don’t be a Backstabber” from the show and after a couple days here is the result!
im actually super proud of this one omg

See how the brain plays around

And you fall inside a hole you couldn’t see

And you fall inside a hole, inside a

Someone help me

Understand what’s going on inside my mind

Doctor, I can’t tell if I’m not me

I actually made this quite a while ago, but I didn’t put it on Tumblr until now, heh…