“There’s a boy singing a song of war,
Dreaming of life outside the bars.
There’s a boy singing the song of angry men.
He believed, death is the freedom’s omen.

His heart echoes the beating of drums.
While his brothers drinking the rum.
Behind the barricade, he was top of the class.
When everyone stop singing, his voice in bass.

There was a boy singing a song of war,
The song of the slaves behind laws bars.
Young mind with a courageous heart.
Willling to die even his life barely start.

He joined his brothers behind the barricades,
Raising the flag of freedom, it colors never fade.
When other men hide behind there doors,
He stand up, His voice was at roar.

There was a boy singing the song of war.
In sound of canons and guns, he’s not far.
Small in stature, greatness within his soul.
In the bondage of inequality he fight to haul.

In his heart is a flame that never dies,
Hoping that a new dawn will finally rise.
In his misty eyes, he see a new tomorrow.
A world of love and joy, away from sorrow.

There was a boy singing a song of war.
None can stop the fire, not even bars.
In front of foes line he stood up singing.
He was walking forward, but he is rising.

The men in uniform bid him to stop,
He continued to sing, his feet he tap.
A shot was fired, still, unafraid he sings.
BANG! Through his heart a bullet stings.

Lifeless, he lays beside his fellow lieutenants,
In his chest was a medal of honor never grant.
There was a boy singing a song of war.
No, there was a MAN singing a song of war.”

—  Gavroche, Jet MartinXX

Les Miserables OST 2012 - Look Down (Beggars) (by Megan O'Neil)