Madge Undersee by gravity-zero

“Madge. Quiet and kind and brave. The girl who gave me the pin that gave me a name." 

Madge Undersee from The Hunger Games

This didn’t come out exactly like I had planned and there are some parts that I don’t like all that much, but after all the time I spent on it and the adventure with dappled light (which is beautiful AND difficult ) I’m actually proud of it. At least for a few days I am XD

It was loosely (veeeery loosely - as you can see) based on Imogen Poots’ face because she’s gorgeous and perfect and she’s my ‘head Madge’.

And now I shall continue to cry over Madge  AND GADGE

Feel free to cry with me.

2010-2013 by gravity-zero

I’ve been wanting to do something like this for ages so here it is.

The first one is from July 2010, I did it in college for the coolest class of them all, where I also learned the magic of painting in Photoshop. It’s part of the (around 10 if I’m not mistaken) first images I ever did on Photoshop. After that I didn’t touch my tablet for like a year or more (because I was lame :/ ).

And the last one is a quick thing I did today, so December 2013.

Not awful and that’s good! I still have a LOT more to learn though ;)
Progress is aaaawesome :D