velojello asked:

fandom thing - gravity falls? :O

THE OTP: i dotn even know

M/F OTP: i didnt like dipcifica until the northwest mansion mystery now i really like it. also soos/melody

M/M OTP: i dont have one really

F/F OTP: mabel/pacifica!!

Fav Female: mabel or wendy
Fav Male: dipper (or bill cipher? is bill male?)

Least Fav Female: hmm i dont think i have one
Least Fav Male: gideon

Why I joined the fandom: i liked bill cipher

velojello asked:

hi!!! first off, i dig your character and environment work! i was wondering, what program(s) and tools do you use? thanks for your time!

Aww thanks!

(sorry it posted before I told it to)

I use Manga Studio primarily for drawing and comic work lately. The color mixing tools and the feel of the brushes with a Wacom device is just so much better than Photoshop. That said, Photoshop is just THE BEST for image manipulation. The filters, resizing tools, and the animation tool are not bested by MS at all. I use Flash a lot too for animation, but it’s such buggy software that I regularly curse its existence and wish a pox on the development team for daring put out such a buggy piece of crap over a decade since Adobe bought it.

I’ve also used Illustrator extensively and attempted to know more of Zbrush and Maya. But I’m not as familiar with CG. I feel like I need a solid week of study to grasp CG again (used to do it more).

Other than that, most times I draw with pens and watercolor. I have shitbooks (sketchbooks I care not for what goes in) full of random fan doodles, weird faces, and porn. Having a shitbook is key to keeping me drawing. If I care too much about what I draw when I’m not doing work specifically, I tend to freeze up. If I start drawing though, no matter what crap I’m doing, I tend to turn it into studies regardless of how much or little I care about it. So it always ends up purposeful even if the intention didn’t start that way.