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Okay, ignore the fact that I had to settle for putting the beautiful, superman blue, aerial yoga hammock in my garage cos I just couldn’t make it work in my workout room, at least for now. It took me like 3 hours to clean a space in the garage and get it hung up. I had to rest a while before I even tried it out I was so worn out from that project!

But CHECK IT OUT! I DID IT! I actually hung upside down for about 3.5 minutes! I even pressed up into a sort of handstand a couple of times! Whoop! And, {{drum roll please}} my back actually feels BETTER now, after doing that, than it did BEFORE. And I don’t think it’s my imagination, either.

I am seriously so excited about this. I really wish I could hang it in a nicer place, but we do what we can do, right? Maybe I’ll be able to get something set up in my workout room later. I spent a long time measuring out where the beams were and stuff, and it just wasn’t gonna work, I don’t think.

Anyway … WHOOOP! I got it hung up by myself and I actually did some simple inversions, which is just exactly what I need!


ps: I have never had a class in aerial/anti-gravity yoga. I just watched a couple of videos about simple inversions to do this. So, if you’re thinking you can’t do it, you, my friend, are wrong! You can do it!


Damn gravity…
Every time I get on my yoga mat it’s different. Some days my body feels light as a feather - other days more like a lump of concrete! I try not to take it too seriously either way. Today was more of a featherweight day (those are secretly my favourite) so I made the most of it with lots of handstands 🙃 #yoga

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Soryu Oh fanfic: Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga

This was requested by an anon. I hope you enjoy it! I enjoyed writing this because I’m in love and obsessed with Soryu after reading his route :))

After another tiring yoga class, you finally return home to be greeted by Soryu.
“How was it? You’re sweating.” He says giving you a peck on the lips.
“It was good but it’s just getting harder and harder. I really enjoy it though. The instructor said that tomorrow will be more relaxing.”
“Isn’t yoga supposed to be relaxing? I don’t think you could do enough to break a sweat.” He chuckles.
“This is anti-gravity aerial yoga, not regular yoga. It’s more intense and we have to use the aerial silks.”
“It’s anti-gravity so it shouldn’t be that hard.”
“It’s not literally anti-gravity. You still have to be flexible and do the movements correctly and hold your position.”
“Ok ____….”
“If you think it’s so easy, why don’t you come as my guest tomorrow?”
“Let’s see you not break a sweat unless you think it’s too much for you to handle.” You start pressing him.
“I’m in the mafia, I can handle anything.”
“Ok then it’s settled! You’re coming with me tomorrow.”
“Heh ok fine.” He gives in and gives you that smile that warms your heart. Oh just wait for tomorrow Soryu…

The next day, you’re getting ready to go to your aerial yoga class with Soryu.
“What are you supposed to wear to this?”
“Just wear something comfy but nothing too lose.”
“Like your tight yoga pants? I like them.” He smiles mischievously.
“Shut up Soryu.” You lightly slap his chest.
“Although, are there any other men in your class because I don’t want them staring at you.”
“I doubt anyone will be paying attention to me.”
Soryu walks by and pulls you in by your waist and kisses you. You pull away and start to brush his hair with your fingers.
“I like it when your hair is down.”
“I don’t want to scare the class so I kept it down.”
You kiss his cheek, “I like it.”
“That’s all you’re going to give me?”
“What to you mean?”
“I’d prefer something like this.”
“Like wha–mmm…” Soryu pulls you close and kisses you passionately which makes your knees go weak.
“Soryu you have to get dressed. You can’t go in your pajamas.”
After Soryu finds something to wear, he drives to wear you take the classes. You enter the room and sit down and wait for class to start. The instructor walks in and greets herself.
“Everyone grab a silk and take a deep breathe in…and out.”
As the class progresses you keep glancing over to Soryu. It doesn’t seem like he’s struggling and he has a straight face for the whole time. He’s more flexible than you thought. You can’t help but look at his strong arms when he’s pulling himself up on the silk.
“Ok let’s take a short break. We’ll return in 5 minutes.” The instructor says and everyone goes for some water.
“What do you think about the class?” You ask Soryu as you take a sip of your water.
“Ok, I’ll admit it’s tougher than I expected.”
“Uh-huh I told you.”
“It’s a good workout.” He leans in and whispers in your ear, “No wonder you look great in those yoga pants.”
“Oh my god Soryu we’re in public!”
“No one heard me. At least I didn’t kiss you.”
“Don’t even think about it…”
“Don’t worry, that’ll have to wait for when we shower together.”
The two of you continue talking about the class and tease each other here and there.
“Ok let’s get back to where we left off.” The instructor calls everyone over to continue class. You look at Soryu and he gives you his warm smile and unexpectedly winks at you. You can’t stop blushing because you’re imagining what’s going to happen after class.