UH... GUYS!?

Um, so I was dinking around on the decoder site and plugging character names in for fun and….

So I thought I’d put in through the Atbash Cipher. Ya know, for fun…

Ah, what a cute nonsense word! Let’s put it through the Caesar cipher, too (since that’s how the credit page codes are deciphered; first Atbash, then Caesar)! I’m sure it’ll be another cute nonsense-

Gravity, Metaphorically
  • Gravity, Metaphorically
  • Touché Amoré
  • Pianos Become The Teeth/Touché Amoré

Touché Amoré - Gravity, Metaphorically

It was the first time in a long time that I felt alive
At least I tried
Then my highest hopes were realized then it flat-lined
At least I tried
And I woke up scared but it’s alright ‘cause nothing changed
At least I tried

it’d be kind of interesting if “abaconings” was foreshadowing of the relationship between stan and his brother. 

stan and his brother the author were best friends…

until the author encountered bill, a supernatural phenomenon that gave him a great deal of knowledge

he became enlightened and pursued knowledge, along with an eager assistant

leaving stan behind

and eventually, they created a machine that would give the world great knowledge

stan feels threatened by his best friend’s quest for knowledge. he wonders if the author is happier with his quest for knowledge than with him

but in stan’s version of “abaconings”, waddles realizes that he does value his relationship with his best friend over his quest for knowledge. he destroys the machine and gets rid of the effects of the supernatural phenomenon

“this brain junk has made you forget who you are! don’t you remember us?”

“it all makes sense now! what good is helping the world, if i can’t help my favorite person in the world?”

“science is a horizon to search for, not a prize to hold in your hand.”

it makes me wonder if this means that in real life, the author actually chose the machine over stan. 

  • Partner: …and this is Sharpedo Bluff: the bluff… that looks like a Sharpedo.
  • Hero: Does it look like a bluff?
  • Partner: No, it looks like a Sharpedo.
  • Hero: Is it a Sharpedo?
  • Partner: It’s a bluff that looks like a Sharpedo. For the fifth time, it’s- it’s not an actual Sharpedo.

human avatars, representations of gods, have always annoyed me. 

i don’t want to think of zeus as an imagined picture of a father, i want to look at the storming clouds and know that is him

posiedan is the crashing waves that grab the land and shake it from all sides

apollo is the sun, the chariot is merely a metaphor for gravity and orbits

maybe i’ve always been too literal, but sometimes it feels easier to face the ocean and scream into the sky than to picture some caricatures of gods. perhaps that is what makes the devoted worship of less tangible gods like love, death, and power so much more interesting