for the past couple months ive been working on a huge playlist to send off my favorite show ever with a smile, but it ended up being so long that i split it into two parts. the first half is more upbeat and optimistic while the second half is more bittersweet.

part one is here, and part two is here! or you can just enjoy the pretty drawings, yknow


sleepless nights | for stanford & stanley | [collection]

a set of mixes about facing the world alone, hiding from inescapable truths, and living with a restless regret that never seems to fade away

SIDE A: who can you trust? | [listen]

i. poet - bastille // ii. meet me in the woods - lord huron // iii. kings - the pierces // iv. conquest of spaces - woodkid // v. the scientist - coldplay // vi. afraid - the neighborhood // vii. gold - imagine dragons // viii. goner - twenty one pilots // ix. black eyes - radical face // x. soil to the sun - cage the elephant // xi. icarus - bastille // xii. control - halsey // xiii. bonus track

SIDE B: congratulations, you are all alone | [listen]

i. home - american authors // ii. start a fire - passenger // iii. last of days - a fine frenzy // iv. innocent son - fleet foxes // v. the boxer (cover) - mumford & sons // vi. tranquilize - the killers ft. lou reed // vii. amsterdam - imagine dragons // viii. cough syrup - young the giant // ix. ghost towns - radical face // x. disloyal order of the water buffaloes - fall out boy // xi. luck - american authors // xii. pretend - lights // xiii. bonus track

Welcome to The End of Eras ▲  ‘Heroes always get remembered But you know legends never die'  [listen]

A mix to embrace the madness of Bill Cipher

|| Emperors New Clothes by Panic! At The Disco / /  Ready Or Not by The Fugees (Rogue Nation Mix) / /  Victorious by Panic! At The Disco / /  Propane Nightmares by Pendulum / /  Jungle by X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons / /  Don’t Stop by Inner Party System / /  In The Air Tonight by (Feat. Shadow Royale) / /  Don’t Mess With Me by Temposhark / /  Immigrant Song by Karen O, Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross / /  Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums by A Perfect Circle ||

Art Credit to :


which is… A FANMIX! how shocking! a fanmix with both happy and sad mabel songs, showing her power through the ups and downs. i loved this week, im so happy for all the mabel positivity… i hope this continues forever

i now know my name! | listen | tracklist

about 4 years ago, i set to making a ‘welcome to gravity falls’ mix, but what better time than now to finish it? 

its been such a great ride, i cant thank the graviteam enough for allowing us to live and experience this world and these characters! the end is near but the rides not over yet!

listen here

I’m Not Here To  A p p e a s e  You
➪I’m Here To Make You  M I N E

|| Get Scared x Sarcasm || Love Me Dead x Ludo || Come & Get It x Krewella || Turn Off The Lights x Panic! At The Disco || Killer x The Ready Set || Flesh x Simon Curtis || Desire x Starfighter || Boy Who Murdered Love x Diana Vickers || Brains Out x Kim Cesarion || Take Me To Church x Dread Engine || Dark Horse x Katy Perry || I Want You x Summer Camp || For Your Entertainment x Adam Lambert || I Want Your Bite x Chris Crocker || Everybody Talks x Neon Trees || Sweet Nothing x Alex Vargas || Sleepsong x Bastille || Dance With the Devil x Breaking Benjamin || Breath x Breaking Benjamin || Hot Mess x Cobra Starship || Super Psycho Love x Simon Curtis || I Will Possess Your Heart (Ariel Remix) - Death Cab For Cutie || American Beauty/American Psycho x Fall Out Boy || Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off x Panic! At The Disco || Come With Me Now x Kongos || Throat Full Of Glass x Combichrist || Don’t Mess With Me x Temposhark || Irresistible x Temposhark || I’ll Sleep It Off When I’m Dead x Set It Off || I Can’t Decide x Scissor Sisters || Break Me Shake Me x Savage Garden || Paralyzed x Mystery Skulls || Bad Romance x Lady Gaga ||

Cover Art: Life-Writer


i love gravity falls and im so excited that it’s back!!! so i made another pair of playlists to celebrate

a melancholy mix for stanley and stanford (listen here, tracklist here)


an upbeat mix for dipper and mabel (listen here, tracklist here)

JUST FUCK US UP - A fanmix for the current state of the Gravity Falls Fandom

As if we needed more hype for the upcoming episode.

► L I S T E N

01. The Final Countdown - Europe || 02. Livin’ on a Prayer - Bon Jovi || 03. Don’t Stop Believing - Journey || 04. One For The Money - Escape The Fate || 05. Season 1 Finale Soundtrack - Gravity Falls || 06. Long Way Down - Delta Rae || 07. Heaven Help Us - My Chemical Romance || 08. It’s Time - Imagine Dragons || 09. Light ‘em Up - Fall Out Boy || 10. Highway to Hell - AC/DC || 11. Gravity Falls unused theme - Niel Cicierega || 12. Dreamscapers Ending Theme - Gravity Falls

I have made a playlist for every member of the cipher wheel (including Bill!) and here they all are: 

The Star of TelepathyGideon Gleeful 

Shooting StarMabel Pines 

Six Fingered HandStanford Pines 

Order of the Holy MackerelStanley Pines  

Stitched HeartRobbie Valentino 

LlamaPacifica Northwest 

Pine TreeDipper Pines 

GlassesFiddleford Mcgucket

IceWendy Corduroy

Question MarkSoos Ramirez

And One for the Devil HimselfBill Cipher