So we first saw Stan’s brother (name unknown) in “The Time Traveler’s Pig”, though at the time most people assumed it was a younger Grunkle Stan. But as the series progressed, fans began to notice the differences between the two men in Grunkle Stan’s flashbacks, the most important being the frames of their glasses. So here was the logical theory: Stan has a brother, or some kind of relative. This was further proven in “Dreamscapers”, when one of Stan’s flashbacks revealed a kid, who looks very similar to young Stan, reading a book covering his face on the side. Okay, so this kid grew up to be the man shown in “The Time Traveler’s Pig”. Still don’t believe me? Remember that abandoned room in “Carpet Diem”? When Stan first walks into the room, he notices a pair of glasses sitting on a table and immediately shoves them into his vest, and he is later shown staring at them. Notice the exact similarity between the glasses Stan grabs and the glasses on the man in “The Time Traveler’s Pig”. Weird right? Now listen to this. In “Carpet Diem”, the carpet in the abandoned room has a tag on it that says “Experiment #78”. Where have we seen something similar to this recently? Oh yeah. In “Into the Bunker”, Wendy, Soos, Dipper and Mabel are chased by “Experiment #210: The Shapeshifter”. How could get it get any weirder?? Look at the calendar with the owl. There’s a date circled on it: July 4th. Now any American knows that this is the Fourth of July, and Gravity Falls is in Oregon, so the date is probably just a reminder, right? Or is it something more? Notice the year on the calendar: 1982. Now look at the map in the author’s bunker (shown in the picture with Dipper and Soos). The date on the bottom right-hand corner of the map? 1982. So something big happened in 1982, as that was the year both the room AND the bunker were abandoned. Hmm, when was 1982, like 30 years ago? Wait a minute. Haven’t we heard that before? That’s right. In “Scaryoke”, when Stan pulls the lever for what looks like some sort of portal, he says “30 long years and it’s all led up to this”. Agent Powers, who seems to be keeping a watch over Gravity Falls, notices the reactions and says “We haven’t seen readings like this in 30 years”. The Shape Shifter even tells Dipper, “You’ll never find the author! That six-fingered nerd hasn’t been himself in 30 years.” Oh wait, that’s right, the author has to have six fingers, so it can’t be Stan’s brother. But hold on, we never actually see his hands! Is it all adding up?? Think about it, and thank you for reading!


I noticed something and it’s seriously bothering me. So during this scene when the blast happened (See adorable Dipper up there) of course everybody’s eyes widened, I mean they think the worlds going to end. But something about Dipper’s eyes in particular bothered me a lot. It may have just been me, but my friend confirmed it as well. Dipper’s eyes don’t only widen, they turn into Bill’s. Perhaps a part of Bill has been left off inside Dipper this whole time… What if Bill never left?



The goat that keeps appearing in the mystery shack is bill cipher ..

When he possesses dippers body ( look at his eyes)
And then the goat has the same eyes! Maybe bill possessed the goat to keep an eye on the pines twins before they even knew who he was. And it would explain the last picture because we know bill wants the journal.

Like he said “I’m always watching”


carry on my wayward  sons

At some point in  their lives, the Stan Pines twins were left with a lot of questions about the mysteries of Gravity Falls. It then ocurred to Stanford Pines that maybe they were meant to protect the secrets and the pople of the town; thus proposing his twin to join him in his mission. A choice he’d come to regret over time.

McGucket's Decoded Babble

I don’t know if this had already been looked into, but I haven’t seen anything about it, sooo…

I was rewatching “Society of the Blind Eye” when I got to the part when we watch McGucket go insane through his memories. In the last memory, he says nothing except babbling insanely and cackling.

Of course, you can’t trust anything on Gravity Falls to be a harmless joke, so I sounded out McGucket’s babble as best I could, getting the letters to see if something could possibly be solved through a Caesar or Atbash Cipher. I eventually whittled down the sounds to spell out:


Using the Atbash Cipher, this translates to:


So, this doesn't actually reveal anything that shocking or enlightening, but at least I think we can say for sure that McGucket himself had direct dealings with Bill, probably relating to the “terrible things” McGucket saw (x). What terrible thing did Bill use him for? Something outside of building the machine is my guess.

Regardless, I so appreciate all the hidden messages and clues in this show, and it was so fun and rewarding figuring it out! I actually got chills when the first word spelled out “BILL.” 

You know who else went crazy from too much memory erasing?

Lil Gideon’s Mom.
Like you know how she does nothing but look freaked out, muttering to herself and vaccuuming all day? Seems she probably saw one too many things Gideon was up to.

The code from the end of ‘the Society of the Blind Eye’ episode lists things the gravity falls people want to forget:


Typo, or hidden message?...

In my most recent gifset, I misspelled “Tyrone” as “Tryone”. Normally I would just correct it, but I may have accidentally discovered one of Gravity Falls’s many secret messages. (Or I could just be reading too deep into it.)

The obvious pair of words produced by this error is “try one”, which, as highlighted by the very GIF’s contained in the post, may be a direct reference to Tyrone’s fate. Perhaps Alex Hirsch chose this name expecting someone to make that very mistake.

Yes, child. Try one.

Okay I remember now!

With all the Gravity Falls theories going around, I thought I’d put in my two cents. There will probably be some spoilers though. As always I’ll apologize in advance if this is already an established theory. Some things that will be helpful to look at if you’re not familiar with these theories yet are here (<–I highly suggest reading this one, like seriously look at it) and here (spoilers in both, beware). Also, if you’re not familiar with this yet, the code from the end of “Sock Opera” will be what this is largely based on: 

“No puppet strings can hold me down
So patiently I watch this town
Abnormal soon will be the norm
Enjoy the calm before the storm.”

So let’s look at the message first. I’m going to jump around a bit, so bear with me. We know this is coming from Bill because he was the last one in the Dipper puppet and he is going to “watch this town.”
“Abnormal soon will be the norm” was shown in “Society of the Blind Eye” because they were the ones hiding the paranormal occurrences. Without them, the abnormal has become the norm. We see this in “Northwest Mansion Mystery” as the Northwest family has heard about Dipper’s talent after reading a newspaper article about a Giant Vampire Bat. Plus the entire town witnessed the paranormal events at the party. Dipper’s appearance in the newspaper also shows the new recognition he’s been getting since the Blind Eye Society was taken down. And he seems pretty happy about that.

And about “No puppet strings can hold me down,” I think this adds to the Bill/Dipper parallel. I say this because Bill could be referring to himself as in actual Bill, or he could be referring to his physical form, which in this case is Dipper, who has been letting his bad side get the better of him lately (see first link above for a REALLY good explanation with examples). This implies that Bill might not need to do anything himself, hence the patient watching, as Dipper is sending things in the direction he wants them to go anyway. As to what Bill is planning, I’m not sure. While things seem “calm” now, I think Bill is going to step in when everyone least expects it and all the paranormal activity is out in the open.

And here’s the crazy part. I’m not even sure if I believe this myself, but it’s just a thought I had. Some people have been suggesting that Bill was once a human (“It has been SO LONG since I’ve inhabited a body!”) and is on a different plane of being , and while some people have suggested it’s Gideon from the future, I just got the idea that it might be Dipper. Especially after I saw the hidden terms in the Certificate of Mystery (okay seriously if you have read this much without taking at least a little bit of time to look at that first link you REALLY should now), where he mentions “small-minded doubters,” having a “higher calling,” and how “they should have been nicer to us.” He even outright says that it sounds like a supervillain manifesto. Foreshadowing much? As obsessive as Dipper has become in discovering the secrets of Gravity Falls, I could see how it could lead him down the wrong path, especially since he has had Bill in his mind without any protection (second link explains that)… Okay yeah I believe it. :)

So yeah sorry about that weird thought process I have going there. I’m horrible at organizing my thoughts, but hopefully it made sense. I’m always open to suggestion! If anyone can debunk this theory I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say! Ideas, anyone?

Misspelling can cause curses to bounce back.

Ok, serious face now. I really do think there’s something behind Dipper’s birthmark. the fact that Stan’s machine scans constellations and that dipper has one in his forehad must be related.

Countdown till "Not What He Seems"

So while I was on the, clicking the flashing WARNING sign brings you to a countdown on the Laptop as seen at the end of "Northwest Mansion Noir", presumably the countdown is for the next episode (“Not What He Seems”).

It looks like this:

And in the source code for the page you find this ascii image of a floppy disk. Specifically an old 8-inch floppy. The code in the top right is Caesar cipher for “Don’t copy that floppy”. Also the word bad appears on the bottom, though I’m not sure if that was intentional or just part of making the picture.

Has anyone ever wondered how Grunkle Stan is related to the twins? Think about it. If he’s their great-uncle, that means he has a brother or sister that is Dipper and Mabel’s grandmother or grandfather.

So imagine me this; if we go off the theory that Stan (Stanford) has a twin brother named Stanley, why is it so quick to assume that Stanley is dead or missing? Would it be reasonable to assume that Stanley might be Dipper and Mabel’s grandfather, and more so, alive and well?

Think about it. Dipper does appear to take after Stanley more, with the book studying instead of learning to fight, probably trying to figure out the mysteries of Gravity Falls just like Dipper was.

I’m just saying, has no one ever thought of this before? Stanely could have completely given up on the mysteries of Gravity Falls, or even more so, realized the danger in it and left to start a family with Dipper and Mabel’s grandmother (whoever she may be).

Not only does mystery run in the family with Grunkle Stan, it’s straight up the bloodline with their own grandfather.

Since people liked my addition to the Stan Twin Theory I’ll throw in my own theory of this picture from the newest episode Society of the Blind Eye.

So seeing as the diagram has three people in it I’m going to go over who I think they are and what might of happened based on that.

So for my theory, assuming that the Author isn’t a character we’ve seen yet, I believe the people are, from left to right, Stanley, the Author, and Standford. Going by this it would make perfect sense why you don’t see Stanley in the show and also why Stanford is so determined to open the portal, because he’s trying to get his brother back. I think either the rope breaks or Stanford can’t hold it and lets go, leading to Stanley being thrown into the portal with no way back. After these events Stanford wants to find away to get his brother back, but the Author refuses saying it’s too dangerous. The Author then takes the journals, but leaves Journal 1, either because Stanford fights him for the journals or he’s just in such a hurry to leave and hide the journals that he leaves it. I also think that McGucket was in the room during all of this, because he did help build it so I’d assume he’d be there to help test it and he states that “something went wrong,” also seeing that disaster would be a good reason for him wanting to erase his memories. From there they split up, McGucket erasing his mind; the Author going to the bunkers, “not being himself,” hiding the journals, and then disappearing; and Stanford left without his brother.

I also wanted to note that I thought about this theory but, from left to right, Stanley as the Author, McGucket, Stanford. But this left me with the loop hole of the Author hiding the journals, since he can’t cause well he’s in another dimension.