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Favorite thing about them: I like just about everything about her but honestly it would have to be the fact that she can make a sewer pipe look like a decent home

Least favorite thing about them: I don’t think there is a least favorite thing?

Favorite line: “They’re attitude did a big 360”

brOTP: Kat and Cecie or Kat and Syd

OTP: Kat and Raven

nOTP: Kat and Syd

Random headcanon: Trans Kat for the win!!

Unpopular Opinion: another thing where I don’t think there is one?

Song I associate with them: Defying Gravity from Wicked

Favorite pic: there are a lot of good pictures of Kat but my favorite would have to be this from the manga


Gravity Rush 2 x NieR Automata Costume DLC will be available for free on PS Store Japan starting tomorrow. But it’ll be available only for a limited time (April 27 - May 9). It contains 2B outfits on Kat. It’ll be available on 2 versions, with and without visor. 

That Free DLC will also head to the West on May 5. Shunsuke Saito, Gravity Rush 2 character designer, created an artwork of Kat x 2B crossover in commemoration of the collaboration .