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15 Soos

“I’m not mad, dude.” Soos assured Bill as the demon panicked. “I just need some help getting down, that’s all. Maybe youse can get one of the Mr. Pines to help?”

Bill had gotten a little too enthusiastic while flying around to help put up the lights and didn’t notice when Soos got his foot tangled in the lights and pulled up.

“I’ll be right back.” Bill promised before running inside. “Stan! Ford! Help!”

I finally got around to doing this one, sorry it took so long! XD I actually had quite a bit of fun working on it. Poor Bill is freaking out, haha!

15. Tangled in Christmas Lights
Soos and Bill! (I added Bill as an extra because I missed him.)

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Trollhunters is so good. It’s so underrated too. I think it might be getting more popular but still it’s not nearly recognized enough. All the people who enjoy cartoons such as Miraculous Ladybug, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, Adventure time, Gravity Falls etc. should really watch this. The first two or three episodes are kinda boring and when I first watched it I actually stopped because of this but if you push through those you won’t regret it. Also Trollhunters is created by freaking Guillermo del Toro! The same guy who made Pans Labyrinth and The Devils Backbone! So if that doesn’t say something to you about the quality of the show I don’t know what would.

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is that {SASHA PIETERSE}? oh wait it’s just {PACIFICA NORTHWEST}. they are from {GRAVITY FALLS}, and are known for being {QUICK-WITTED AND DEFIANT}. they are a {HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT} and is aged {SIXTEEN}. they currently do not know who they are rooming with. (Alyson/26/she/her/P.S.T.)

so it’s not sasha pieterse? well pacifica northwest better move into house number 23 silver street upon arrival. make sure she checks in 24 hours from now to the landlord otherwise she will be evicted.

Doodle redraw of…

Mabel Pines from episode “Dipper and Mabel vs. Future”!

Original scene (what? I watching GF with Russian subtitles when I’m bored, don’t blame me) -

I was just bored and wanted to draw something from that episode.

Maybe some Weirdmageddon doodles will be here soon