gravity falls*


Journal 3 Infomercial

alright guys the message at the end of the infomercial says

Decoding ciphers is extremely confusing. Do not decode ciphers without adult supervision. Any resemblance to any persons living or dead is completely coincidental and also planned. Y-N-E-V-B-X-P-Y-R-R-Z-J-X-R-Z-V-R (key is gravity) Do not purchase if you are prone to nausea, upset stomachs, headaches, or possession by ghost, demons, or other wordly entities. Do not call past 10 p.m. That’s my bedtime. Soos will get mad. I will be grounded. Some assembly required, book diaper not included. No pigs were harmed in the making of this infomercial.


This maybe the best commercial I’ve seen this year.

do you think bill had any dimensional counterparts or was the bill we saw the one and only iteration of bill in the entire multiverse

was he the only bill that destroyed his dimension? is his defeat the only defeat of its kind to exist? is our stan the only being to ever exist in the history of forever that has destroyed bill? was their final encounter truly one of a kind? if defeating bill reversed weirdmaggedon, then what of other weirdmaggedons after his defeat? do they just exist in a perpetual demon ridden hell now? did those weirdmaggedons even happen if bill and his friends were in the one?? was there only one occurrence of weirdmaggedon to ever exist??

if there really only is one bill in existence, would that leave the possibility of the multiverse being only one variation of itself? for bill to have other defeats or victories in his domination, then would that have to be a part of a completely separate series of multiverses?

is bill a fucking paradox of himself?? does the nightmare realm give him these properties? does it allow him to exist as all these variations of himself simultaneously while also existing as himself in one reality? are there bills that didnt destroy their dimensions? or do they still only all exist as the one?

and if bill didnt just exist in the singular, then would that make the pines’ family victory limited if other bills could still conceivably come in and destroy their universe at a later time? is gravity falls the only place this could happen?

fucking multiverse theory man FUCK