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Steven Universe 

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Star vs The Forces of Evil (Starco)

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Star vs The Forces of Evil

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Samurai Jack Season 5

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We Bare Bears 

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

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Rick and Morty 

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The Legend of Korra

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Gravity Falls 

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Adventure Time 

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Infinity Train

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Over the Garden Wall 

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Wander Over Yonder

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Danny Phantom 

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One year ago, an amazing TV show met it’s greatest challenge and overcame it– the end.

When the squad & I roll up to the club
We sit in the corner and huddle together
Trying to talk over the music & feeling awkward
Next week we go back to board game night
It’s a lot less scary



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Steven Universe
Infinity Train
Gravity Falls
Rick and Morty
Warrior Cats
Harry Potter
Minecraft Storymode
Attack on Titan
Pirates of the Caribbean

Undertale Five Nights at Freddy’s
weird headcanon but hear me out yall

Tulip from Infinity Train is Dipper and Wendy’s kid.
Like.. she looks like Wendy, thinks like Dipper, (those glasses even, Ford and Stan both wear glasses so who is to say Dipper wouldn’t need them, or his kid would??)
And Mabel could’ve named her???? like.. Tulip is such a Mabel-y name i know this is reaching and unlikely just bc different show networks, copyright, etc. but just what if
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A mix of a lot of Cartoons ^^ I hope you will like it :D

What’s your favourite cartoon?

1 of my issues with DBS/ Resurrection F. Remember when a completely OFF-GUARD 12 year old Kid Goku tanked a bullet from a sniper rifle?

Dragon Ball Super sure doesn’t!

How about when he tanked an RPG to the face?

 I guess Goku was super, DUPER off-guard in Resurrection F! But heres my Problem

Because Even if he suppressed his ENERGY, he still had enough Ki to maintain his Blue form, which again is stronger than a little blaster that most likely out puts less power than King Piccolo who could Busted cities

It’s like what happened between krillin and perfect cell back in the cell saga. Cell just transformed, payed zero attention to anything, had his guard completely down, Didn’t even flex his Ki what so ever

Even Trunks got in on Whaling on Cell but he was completely relaxed and off guard.

but even while he was suppressing his new unknown power, the power he was out putting in his perfect form even while suppressed completely eclipsed krillins, thus his attacks did nothing even while cells guard was non-existent.

Theres that FILLER JOKE scene of Goku bein Hit with a Rock off Guard. But you can clearly tell it wasnt for the plot. It was just a one off joke 

Its like when Saitama got scratched by a Cat. Its NOTHING Serious just a 1 off joke

We know he tanks worse on a daily basis and is fine

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I know that the purpose is Goku needs to stay focused but at this point Goku’s Bod should be able to tank any light stuff since Kid Goku got shot in the head with bullets off guard and he’s conditioned himself in Gravity Training and just by transforming.  I know they powered him down to base in Super’s episode 

Ehhh just something I thought was some Buuulshittt.

But its Fiction so I guess you really cant take it too seriously 

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Choose wisely, Pacifica

(haha i just wanted to draw my version of older! dip and mabes. Feel free to tag as either dipcifica or mabifica

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