gravity ponds


A BUNch of old itty bity pond au doodles


//shakes fist at sky// Somedaaaay~

in-a-hat  asked:

Tell me more about the Itty Bitty Pond AU. It's so cute I need to know.

I wanted Lilwendy, itty bitty Stan and the twins interacting with each other, so something happening similar to the concept of the fountain of youth and voila The Itty Bitty Pond AU was born.

Stan falls into the pond and Wendy gets splashed by some of the water and a while later, BAM little kiddies, Stan becomes 4 and Wendy is 8. Dipper tries to figure how to change them back and Mabel makes the best out of any situation. Trouble and cuteness ensured.

Originally was just going to do just doodles, but the more I thought of the Au and well basically…

Got most of story planned out, now I want to try to make a comic out of it for funs and practice.


Gravity Ponds feat. Flowz - Apex Predators (Prod by Al'tarba)


Gravity Ponds-The potion

Aussi HH


Gravity Ponds- Va (Verbal Arkitex)

Aussie hip hop! Off the album “Prequel to pain"