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What are some of your favorite words and why?

I apologize that I’ve taken such a long time to answer this.

Absolutely - I just love the way it sounds, it’s pleasant and agreeable and isn’t too harsh. I find myself using this word a lot to convey that I agree with what the other person is saying.

Enthused - The etymology of this word can be translated to mean: “to be full of god”

Gravity - When I think of the word gravity, I think of attachment. To people, to places. The way we are pulled towards them and find it so difficult to let go.

Home - This word is fascinating because its meaning to me is forever one giant question mark.

Lungs - The capacity of our organs by this name baffles me. Its capacity to hold, to let go, to endure, and to go steadily on until its last breath.

Ocean - I have always had a fascination with water. The fact that we need it to survive, that we cross it in hopes of a better world, that we dream of what lies on the other side. The way we congregate around bodies of water. The fact that we, too, are bodies filled with water.

Perhaps - This word is filled with chance and possibility. “Perhaps” both?

Semblance - Something similar to another but not quite, but almost just good enough.

Stay - Such a brief and quiet plea. A one-word performative speech. It needs no further explanation. There is so much packed into just four letters, and for each person, it means something entirely different.

Sky - The fact that we give such a small word to something that encompasses so much. The mysteries of it and that which lies beyond it. It’s colours, it’s secrets, its qualms and its calms.

@rociposse asked for Nolden dancing. so of course I’m going full-on galactic ball, because I know what I’m about. set in a not-so-distant future where *vague hand movements* you know

When all is said and done, a message comes from Avasarala. It’s coming from too far away to be a two-way type of communication which, if Naomi had to guess, was the entire point. The message lasts barely more than a minute, an invitation of sorts – everyone involved in the events that unfolded since Eros are now cordially invited to a celebratory evening on Luna, and that includes the crew of the Rocinante. Avasarala looks as thrilled about it as Holden when he watches the message, and Naomi bites down a smile.

They can’t refuse, that much is certain. Not when they’re the poster children for everything this war represented – Earth and Mars and Belt coming all together in one crew, relying on each other to succeed. The fact that Holden is still seen as a hero and a martyr in the Belt doesn’t hurt either.

So Alex sets the coordinates for Luna. By the time they make it there, three full weeks of tensions and nervousness later, everyone had time to send messages to the right people and make plans. Holden had his parents ship his old naval uniform to Luna. Alex made sure his Martian one would be awaiting him on the little moon. Amos dipped in the join bank account to buy himself a nice suit.

Naomi still pretends she can just show up in her coveralls and be done with it.

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There is a world where I am clean.

A world where gravity pulls my lungs outward,

Where my fingertips are electric.

There is a world where tears are not salty,

And where the icecaps fuse back together like human bones;

Where insects go to die.

There is a world with walls that bleed your scent,

Hands that reach up from underneath,

Fingernails that leave scabs on my back long after they have graced me with their filed points.

There is a world blinded by purity, like your eyes;

So dark that there is no room for me to live, no room for me to rot, no room for me to fail.

There is a world who sings its tragedy to the tune of your favorite song.

We are NOT Soulmates chapter 11, Will’s pov

It’s been a while guys. I’ve been going through some shit. And it was hard, but I’m back. I hope you like the chapter, as I FINALLY FINALLY wrap up this story.

“Don’t you dare let go.” Nico shouted from above me, but below the edge of the cliff. My arm strained from the deep stretch my wrist was going through by holding my body up via Nico’s hand above the nothingness below me.

“Don’t let go.” Nico repeated. I gave a strangled cry as I took in our situation. Hanging off the side of a cliff in broad daylight after shadow traveling away from a guardian that we weren’t ready to face yet. To think we were so close to our goal, so close to going home, and it was taken away like that.

“Nico there are no shadows to travel through!” Nico only gazed down at me with pained eyes. Above us, the sun radiated heat that drove any inkling of darkness far away from the place where we hung. Below us, was a sea of tall trees that crept up the base of the mountain.

“You can’t hold on for much longer.” I told him. As I said this, rocks rolled from Nico’s grasp on the cliff, threatening to take his grip at any moment.

“I know.” Nico snapped. “Just be quiet for a second. I have an idea.” Nico looked around wildly for a second before fixating on something beneath me. He made eye contact with me. He had a wild look in his eyes. A look that said he either found no way out, or an incredibly crazy and dangerous way out.

“Nico.” I warned.

“Beneath us.” Nico panted. Veins popped in his arms, showing the strain he was going through keeping us both momentarily alive.

“Beneath us?”

“Trees. Where there are trees there are shadows.”

“Those trees are only like twenty feet from the ground. We’d die from impact before you could shadow travel us to a safer place.”

“We have to try.” Nico pled.

Nico was beautiful. I don’t know what I was coming to this conclusion at such a moment, but I was. Epiphany waits for no man, as I gazed up at his panicked face. His expressions were as fluid and tranquil as water running over smooth rocks. His skin was pale but necessarily so. Because any small throw of light across his face made every movement more precise and attentive. However, in the blazing sunlight of Hawaii, it illuminated his face to pronounce a brilliant white. Such was framed by his ebony hair as it fell in wild directions around his face from his position hanging from a cliff.

I trusted him. Even if I didn’t want to trust him, my body wanted to let go of his hand, knowing he would save me. Knowing he would come up with some last minute concoction. Such certainties comforted me as I nodded gravely to Nico.

Nico panted for a second, holding eye contact with me before a moment more, and tightening his grip on my hand before letting go of the cliff.

The wind was knocked out of me right away. It was like gravity wrapped around my lungs and squeezed any oxygen right out of my body. As my vision eroded into black, I watched as Nico contoured his body around mine. I was faced upward from the ground, and Nico, wrapped around my torso in a bear hug, was facing the impending trees. Timing it perfectly. I didn’t see the ground get closer. Instead, with my remaining vision, I watched the sky. No matter how long I seemed to fall, the sky didn’t get bigger or smaller. It was the constant I needed in such uncertain times with such certain feelings.

“Will.” A head rested on my chest. Darkness surrounded me but it was a comfort. If I am dead, Nico could come here anytime he wanted. There’s nothing I would take back, besides realizing how much I loved Nico before any of this. I thought of my mother. The cigarettes that would loiter her unconscious body wherever she seemed to pass out, compared to the women who ran a small merchandise boat. Her hair was a beautiful as I remembered it as a child. Her eyes had once again regained their soft light, and her voice spoke to me as if I were precious to her once more.

“Will please!” Nico had such a nice voice. A voice that you wonder who composed it. I always imagined voice boxes to be something that were crafted with love and care. Whomever is in charge of assigning each person a voice, I like to think they sit there and delicately care a small wooden voice box for each person. Whoever had done Nico’s must have considered it their masterpiece. It was a soft, somewhat deep voice that held a consistent tone and never cracked. You could hear emotions in his voice like you can hear the wind in the trees. I thought it was beautiful and was envious at the same time.

“WAKE UP!” a hash slap was delivered to my face and my body sat up with a jolt and the darkness was suddenly gone. I blinked at the brilliant light and my eyes focused on Nico, kneeling in front of me.

“Will.” Nico breathed out a sigh of relief and engulfed me in a hug. I hugged back and took in my surroundings. A boat. We were on my mother’s boat. She gazed at me in worry from my bedside and I smiled at her. She smiled back and brushed the tears out of her eyes with a strangled laugh.

“You shadow traveled us to my Mom’s boat?” I asked. Nico nodded. “It was the safest place I could think of right now.” Nico brought his hands up to my face and kissed me softly. I froze for a moment before grabbing one of his bandaged hands and kissed back. Wait a minute…. bandaged? I pulled back reluctantly and chuckled a little bit when Nico chased after my lips.

“What happened to your hands?” I asked. Nico rolled his eyes.

“You think my hands would escape unharmed after holding your body up from falling from a cliff?” I gently unwrapped Nico’s bandages and looked at the jagged cuts on his hand where the rock from the ledge had dug into the soft flesh of his palm.

“Hands are bleeding. Don’t let go.” Nico gazed up at me.

“What are you talking about?”

“The prophecy! I think one of the lines just came true. Hands are bleeding. Don’t let go. It was talking about you holding us up on the cliff!”

“But I did let go…”

“It didn’t mean don’t let go of the cliff, it meant don’t let go of me.” I corrected Nico.

“I would never let go of you.” Nico deadpanned. I froze, a warm blush creeping up my neck. Nico, finally realizing what he had said, suddenly became a bright red and looked away.

“I mean that-in that situation- if you were on a cliff- and I were also- if A cliff was involved, I mean, Well-”

“I’d never let go of you either. In any sense.” I said placing a soft kiss on Nico’s surprised face. Nico smiled brightly and I heard a voice clear beside us.

“Sorry mom.” I muttered. My mother smiled a sad smile and something felt off about her.

“We need to get you two back up to that forest.” My mother muttered.

“We can’t go back there right now. That guardian, she’s too powerful.” Nico mussed. My mom nodded and got up from her place beside my bed.

“We have to try anyway. I have an idea.” She answered. I had a feeling this idea was a very, very bad idea.

The forest seemed to be more treacherous than the first time Nico and I had traversed through it.

“Don’t touch the trees.” Nico warned as soon as we set foot in the forest.

“Why not?” My mother asked. She seemed confident in her idea that she had a grand scheme that will help us get past the guardian.

“After Will and I left the first time, the forest is in defense mode. These trees will suck the life right out of you.” Nico said in a shaky voice.

We wove our way around the deadly trees. The atmosphere felt thick and mucky like our presence was making the forest sick. The light seemed unable to filter through the treetops, casting an eerie shadow all around us. Which I suppose was good if we needed a quick escape. I just hoped Nico could shadow travel all three of us in time.

“There it is.” Nico whispered. Ahead of us was the clearing where the Myrtle tree sat in all of it’s glory. It shone with godly power, and stalking in front of it was the guardian. No longer was the guardian a small girl who sat peacefully at the base of a tree, but she had morphed into a monster at least ten feet tall, thin as a rail, with long black claws, and skin stretched taut over jagged bones. A bald head sat atop the monster’s body with large gray eyes, and jagged teeth that didn’t quite fit in the guardians mouth. It clawed around the immortal tree with viciousness. Constantly on the lookout for any other demigods who were feeling brave that day.

“What do we do?” Nico asked.

“Aphrodite came to me while you boys were in the forest the first time.” My mother said softly. Nico and I both looked at her in shock.

“She said, the guardian can only be beaten with hunger. We have to feed it.” My mother muttered again.

“Well, what does it eat?” Nico whispered. My mother turned to me and smiled.

“Will. I’m so happy that I got to meet you once more. You’ve grown into such a fine young man. I can never express how much I regret letting you go all those years ago. My wish for you is that you never look back. And never live in the past. Nico.” My mother turned to Nico. “Take care of him.”

“Wait!” I muttered. “Why are you saying this right now? Save it for after the mission is complete okay?” My mother smiled and placed a soft, final kiss on my forehead before moving away from us suddenly and out into the opening of the field.

The creature saw her instantly and clambered toward her in a terrifying mass of limbs and teeth.

“Mom!” I screamed. Nico held me back, and I noticed tears were building in his eyes the same way they now streamed down mine. Nico manipulated the shadows to hold me down.

“Stay safe.” Nico whispered to me, and drew his sword while following my mother into the field. Nico halted at the edge of the forest as the creature loomed over my mother. The creature raised a large, black claw and my mother glanced back at me.

“DON’T! DON’T TOUCH HER!” I screamed. My mother smiled and said something into the wind, but no voice reached my ears.

In the middle of the forest filled with both life and death, my mothers blood soaked the ground.

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Let’s see this last batch off with kicks and slashes!

Eureka @hennils - Gravity Lunge with Ultra Nebulan Saboteurs
Reyne @starfallblade - Starfall Blossom with Ultra Diamond Candela II
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Some weapons weren’t as visible as I would have liked due to poor planning, so here’s a post I did with them in more detail.

Thank you all so, so much for being patient and lending me your Crosses! I’m having trouble with finding words to say, but I hope that they come through in all these crazy Art pictures I’ve done. Which was the whole point of me saying thank you guys - fandom in general - in the first place.

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