gravity has fallen

Not What He Seems

Time to break up that 15 second teaser for you guys.

Number 1- Stan is arrested. You know who else is arrested? That’s right, Gideon. Gravity Falls is a relatively small town, so Stan and Gideon are probably going to end up in the same prison together. On a bigger note, we discovered Stan has the two books, plus access to the third one (Dipper’s), so when Stan is arrested the two books he owns are going to be left alone for an unknown period of time, presumably a long time based off the horrendous crime it seems Stan has committed. These books are going to be left alone, completely vulnerable for someone to take, which would lead, as Gideon said in season one, to someone having complete control over Gravity Falls (If they had the third book, which wouldn’t be too hard to get because Dipper is getting too chill at the moment). 

Number 2- That bulletin board has some interesting stuff, huh? Obviously we’ve already seen some of these in reference to other episodes, most specifically Dreamscaperers. 

And possibly Into the Bunker.

All these will be connected to one big thing.

Number 3- Looping back to Number 1, if someone had all three books they would have complete control over this town. In this short scene we see gravity has actually fallen, people are floating, signs are coming off buildings, even the water tower is messed up. Further evidence towards someone gaining all three books and therefore this town, or perhaps its name, Gravity Falls.

Number 4- Mabel is wearing her shooting star sweater. She usually wears a different sweater, and almost always that sweater will somehow sum up the episode. They are surprisingly important, I’ve noticed. This is her original sweater, or the first one, which will mean that this episode will have a very strong importance. 

Number 5- Don’t mean to make you nervous, but there are already a lot of references.

You may think nobody knows

You may think nobody sees

But you should keep a watchful eye Pines

Watch between the trees

I see you leave the shelter

I see you walk on the land of the damned

The single soul left in a world of none

Don’t worry kid, you’ll join em’ soon enough

Maybe even faster if I pull your puppet strings hard enough..


Some Gravity Has Fallen latest skechers, first was supposed to be a “surprise” for my dear friend, but now it won’t work out this way, but I’m still considering those as pretty good. Those are from plot line, but I’d like to see you thinking over it.

Most likely to become full-colored.

But I’m clearly in thirty third test state of mind with my school.