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When people ask me why do I get all obsessed over cartoons and fictional characters:

Me:  Because I can? 

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Fangirl problems #25

When you finished a /series/cartoon/anime / manga / book / fanfiction etc; and you don’t know now what to do with your life…

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Since making the first set, I’ve seen many comments being added about how animation meant so much to so many people. That it’s changed their life, their view on the world, and how it’s taught them valuable life lessons they couldn’t have learned from anywhere else. Don’t you see how important animation can be? How so many lessons, so many feelings and emotions can be carefully packaged into a twenty minute show? They’ll only continue to make our lives warp into something magnificent.

you really can’t escape the mishapocalypse no matter how hard you try you’ll be seeing him on almost every fandom today

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Heyo guys

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  • Character A: I'm gonna do the thing
  • Character B: Don't do the fucking thing you shit!
  • Character A: Try to stop me!! *does the thing*
  • Me: *points at charaters* MARRIED

I’ve been upset about the recent events in America so I wanted to sketch some cartoon pride<3

With love from an ally, my deepest condolences, I’d be humbled and honored if any one of these cheered anyone up.


Since a lot of people wanted to know who’s who, since I drew from so many fandoms, here’s a list:

  • Garnet (and Steven) from: Steven Universe
  • Mr. Burns and Mr. Smithers from: The Simpsons
  • Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from: Adventure Time
  • Fry and Bender from: Futurama
  • Eren and Armin from: Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Gene and Bob Belcher from: Bob’s Burgers
  • Rick and Morty from: Rick and Morty
  • Mabel and Grunkle Stan from: Gravity Falls
  • Haru and Makoto from: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club~

I tried to keep it to canon or at least universally accepted fanon (which is why Frender and Eremin are up there) but anyhow~ Lots of love<3