gravity falls spoilers i'm so sorry


this is how it happened right

Okay. Normally I don’t make posts like this, but I have a Gravity Falls theory that I need to get off my chest. Forgive me if someone has already made a similar post.

I think the “substantial sacrifice” the Pines family is going to make in Weirdmageddon III is the Mystery Shack.

I got this idea while thinking about the poster given out at the 2015 Comic Con. (Click the link to take a look.)

The top half of the image is clearly the Mystery Shack, right? But it’s been transformed into something living. It has teeth, a tongue, an eye, and a heart. There’s a gold pyramid inside - with a top hat. I assumed this was just the artist’s interpretation, but I’m wondering if there’s more to it than that.

Bill has been turning inanimate objects into monsters. He turned the town water tower into a monster as well. If the unicorn hair barrier around the Shack gets broken somehow, he could possibly turn the entire Shack into a monster - and the Pines might need to destroy the Shack in order to defeat Bill.

This would constitute a “substantial sacrifice” for the Pines family. What does Stan care about most besides his friends and family? His business. Running the Mystery Shack represents something he was finally good at after years of failed attempts. What does Ford tell Stan to give up? His house, the place where all his research took place. And for Dipper and Mabel, the Shack is home base for all their summer adventures.

By giving up the Shack, both Stan and Ford would be letting go of their pasts in a way, allowing them to start with a clean slate. One thing standing in the way of their reconciliation (i.e. the argument over which brother keeps the Shack) would be gone. They’d be free to either rebuild a new Shack together or rebuild the Stan O’ War and leave Gravity Falls.

Also, the Mystery Shack is a kind of character itself. It’s been in every episode in the series. I’m not saying destroying it would count as the rumored character death, but it would certainly have the same emotional impact without killing off any main characters.

Or, you know, I could just be crazy. *shrugs*

Ok but.

I totally understand that the joke was that even if the Northwest had to sell their mansion, they still are super rich but.


The horror in her face! Like. She can only keep ONE?! 

And i’m just thinking… Pacifica has grown as a character in the serie, she isn’t the stereotypical rich spoiled kid she shows in her first appearance. So what if in her horror gasp she doesn’t think “we’re poor” but instead : I have to choose which pony I’ll keep?! 

Now, I can’t afford ponies or horses, so yeah she’s super rich, but i can afford dogs and cats and i have like 3 dogs and 2 cats at my place. If my mother told me “Yeah you gotta choose one between the 5 cuz we can’t take care of them all anymore” I would actually be making Pacifica’s face right about now! 

To me this face is more like “I gotta choose between Prince, Putter, Ladybelle and Atlantica?!” 

Alright sorry that’s just my headcanon for this scene xD 

You know the thing that makes me most emotional about Journal 3?

Ford doesn’t truly reveal his full identity until he signs his name on the very last page.

Now, we can assume that he must have written his name in the journal before all of the business with Bill went down. (“Property of… Stanford Pines”) Past this, we know that he tore a lot of the pages out and scribbled over some of the sketches of himself. But ignoring the bits of the third journal that went missing by the time Dipper got his hands on it, Ford seems oddly reluctant to reveal too much about himself. The way he writes- as a generality- remains very clinical and matter-of-fact.

When I read through the book, my first thought about this was that Ford worried about his image too much. It was as if he couldn’t truly be honest with his audience in the fear of backlash or ridicule. Most likely his fear was that they’d count his research as simple hogwash, and label his pursuits and by extension- Ford himself- worthless. After years of being written off as that weird kid with six fingers, the poor man was desperate to prove himself however he could. In his case, he sought to prove himself intellectually. If he could only open the portal and prove the existence of another entire PLANE of existence, maybe he could finally be worth something. 

…maybe he could finally convince HIMSELF that he was worth something.

And then, of course, he failed. Bill tricked him, and told him that he was only a meager pawn in his plans. Essentially, Ford was told he was utterly NOTHING. He tore out the pages that attributed the journal to himself believing this. Can’t have someone read his tale of folly knowing it was him, of course. He even fell into the portal believing this.

Honestly, from this point on I think Ford’s only reason to continue living was to defeat Bill. With the mistake he made letting him into his world, this was his penance. His own life didn’t matter if he could at least protect the rest of the universe. This is why he didn’t even blink before throwing himself in front of Dipper as a human shield. Why he passed Dipper the rift when the prison droid was whisking him away and told him that only the fate of their universe mattered.

It’s because to him, his life DIDN’T matter. Everything is connected back to his fragile sense of self-worth. Ford thought that he could die saving the world and no one would care.

But that wasn’t true.

And this is what his brother, and Dipper, and Mabel, and every single one of the townspeople who helped save him from the Fearamid taught him.

By risking their lives to rescue him, they show him that he’s worthwhile. That the person he is- mistakes and all- is loved and valued. See, Ford always assumed that he’d have to prove his intelligence or cleverness to attain love and acceptance from people. 

But he was wrong. 

They love him anyways. And that’s why it’s around this time in the journal that he begins to truly open up… because he finally starts to love the person he is.

You can see it in the way he writes… in the way he lovingly describes and depicts his family. But most importantly, you can see it in the way he forgives himself. In the way he finally admits out loud he made mistakes.

And so, when he’s finally ready to part with his journal, he signs his name on it. For the first time since ripping it off of the first page, he takes claim to this book and all of the mistakes, follies, and insecurities recorded inside. But he’s okay with this, because now it’s not the story of his demise… it’s the story of how a foolish young man fell into a dark place, and how his family saved him from himself. It’s a redemption story. And it belongs to Stanford Pines.


I noticed something and it’s seriously bothering me. So during this scene when the blast happened (See adorable Dipper up there) of course everybody’s eyes widened, I mean they think the worlds going to end. But something about Dipper’s eyes in particular bothered me a lot. It may have just been me, but my friend confirmed it as well. Dipper’s eyes don’t only widen, they turn into Bill’s. Perhaps a part of Bill has been left off inside Dipper this whole time… What if Bill never left?


“Mabel, please…”


Okay so I know that Wendy is the prime candidate for the ice bag on the Cipher Wheel but has anyone considered that it could represent Blendin instead?

Blendin has so far only had two major appearances, having shown up in The Time Traveler’s Pig and being set to appear in the upcoming Blendin’s Game, but I think that he has potential to become an important character later on. A time traveler in the main cast could create some interesting situations when the purpose of the Cipher Wheel is finally revealed.

There’s also the major factor of Blendin’s boss, the Time Baby. In Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery Bill Cipher has his own page where he gives us some clues and reveals some of the world’s greatest conspiracies. On his page he mentions that there’s something extremely powerful frozen in a glacier that will one day be freed.

Turns out that the being trapped is actually the Time Baby as confirmed all the way back in Irrational Treasure. In the document that proves that Quentin Trembley was the real founder of the town you can see a line that mentions that the Time Baby is frozen in a glacier. Unfortunately for whoever wrote the document they couldn’t predict global warming.

Taking these facts into account Blendin has more to do with ice than Wendy or any other potential suspects do. I think you could make a solid case for him being the ice bag.

‘Course this does mean that Wendy needs another symbol. I’ve thought about it for a bit and I think that Wendy represents the llama instead.

We don’t have that many options for who the llama symbol could be yet but one possibly I’ve seen is Manly Dan, Wendy’s dad, because of a line in Headhunters where Wax Larry King said that they are nature’s greatest warriors. Well I think you could make an argument that Wendy fits that description. She has inherited some of her father’s strength and she’s shown to be able to handle herself pretty well in Into the Bunker.

Not to mention her fight with the Shapeshifter, where she successfully keeps Journal 3 out of its’ grasp even though it should be stronger than an average person.

It’s safe to say that she has an aptitude towards combat and physical activities that only a couple of other people can match. Plus the girl got her dad’s ability to work an impressive moustache. (Gif taken from vveavile)

With all of this in mind I think she can work out as the llama pretty well. Of course since the season isn’t finished yet there’s always room for error in this theory and for later information to contradict what I have here.

But anyway that’s my take on it. I’m looking forward to the answers we’ll get in the future on this. If anyone has any additions to this theory feel free to add them.

Seeing Dipper and Mabel’s bond slowly crumbling away is one of the reasons I’m so scared for them. Dipper has to hide things from Mabel and is scared of not being able to trust her anymore, while Mabel feels left behind.
Maybe the reason Dipper repeats “I miss Tyrone” over and over again in the teaser of the new episode is because he misses someone to talk with, someone he has nothing to hide from. Dipper can’t say everything to Mabel, not anymore. There are things Ford asked him not to share with anyone. But Tyrone is basically himself, so he can tell him everything, even though he already knows.
I’m scared the twins are slowly growing apart. It’s not “them against the world” anymore, and I’m scared it’s becoming “them against each other”.