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Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now
Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound

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Now that the series finale has aired, and I know that this is Stan and not Ford, it upsets me to see the look on Stan’s face here. Bill has entered Ford’s mind before by invitation so Ford knew what to expect, I just thought that look on his face was from the dread of what was going to happen once Bill had the information he needed. But Stan has never consciously had Bill enter his mind before, so he had no idea what was coming. Would it hurt? Would he see things he wish he’d rather not? Would Bill make him harm his family? He had no idea, and the look of uncertainty on his face is painful.


To risk the destruction of the earth, for any reason, is selfish. But if you arrive to see the best in the person who takes that risk, no matter what the consequences… The reason can’t explain, you just saw yourself in his eyes. Also, you are probably full of love. A simple child with a burden in her hands. And in her heart.

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monster falls or relativity falls?

Well, normally I’d say Relativity Falls but I already drew one and a half stans, so that seemed like cheating…

I like unicorntaur Mabel for this AU, I always thought it went better with the twins-being-similar theme – Stan and Ford are both winged creatures, Dipper and Mabel both are basically centaur variants – plus it’d be really sad if Dipper was terrestrial and Mabel was aquatic.

(I have no idea who came up with this AU? But if someone tells me I’ll edit and give credit)


Facing harsh realities.

A conversation of Stan’s memories being totally gone has been discussed a few times, no doubt.

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