gravity falls hidden messages

modern fandoms
  • Gravity Falls: *checks every second of every scene for hidden messages*
  • Undertale: *cries*
  • FNAF: *ships*
  • Steven Universe: *ships*
  • Splatoon: *memes*
  • Earthbound: *memes*
  • Gmod: *takes FNAF, Undertale and TF2 and mashes them together to create monstrosities of animations*
  • Hearthstone: *really bad memes*
  • TF2: *cosmetics*
  • The Division: *cosmetics*
I did not know Gravity Falls had hidden messages in their episodes

So I just watched the most recent episode, Dreamscaperers, and I noticed a weird line up of numbers in the credits. I thought it was pretty strange so I decided to look it up and it turns oUT THAT IT WAS ACTUALLY A CODED MESSAGE AND THAT THEY DO THIS IN ALMOST EVERY EPISODE. I HAD LITERALLY NO IDEA WOW everyone check it out:

The numbers listed at the credits in Dreamscaperers:

The hidden messages in each episode decoded:

Someone may have pointed this out already but I just want to bring awareness like man I’m blown away by the depth of this show.


You have no idea of how much I love this how.