gravity falls graphic


the Pines family + Drawing

i like how Mabel, Dipper, and Stan all have really cutesy art styles… and then you have Ford

edit: so it was pointed out to me that i forgot Stan’s drawing in Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, which is actually far better then his Stan bucks doodle

and now it’s complete

I’ve been in tumblr for years, but Now, i Need more people to follow! Please, reblog if you post any of these And i’ll check your blog asap❤:

-Sakura Card Captors
-Vampire Knight
-Phantom Of The Opera
-Rick & Morty (i dont like the RickxMorty ship, so…)
-Daft Punk
-Pastel Goth Stuff
-Graphic Design
-Sailor Moon
-Stranger Things
-The Walking Dead
-Star Wars
-My Chemical Romance
-Blink 182
-OFF the game
-Frozen (Elsana Posts are ok)
-Cactus And Succulents
-Gravity Falls
-Anything Related to Tarantino Movies
-Over The Garden Wall
-Ironic And Depression memes
-Packaging Design
-Kawaii Food & Desserts
-Did I already say Sailor Moon?
-ib the Game

-American Horror Story

And by Now is all! Thank you so much guys ❤❤


Stan Twins + similarities


The looping gif that no one asked for and no one wanted, to endlessly fuel all your rage