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Quest for the Northwest - Part 1

Yes guys, it’s finally here! The first part our very first episode of Gravity Falls Deep Woods is finally up, so go and enjoy it! Part 2 is coming, although we do not know exactly when, but it will happen!

Credits under the cut

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cheeziswin replied to your post :

I wish Disney Publishing would give us an Art Of…

they’ll give us one and it will just be 25 pages of explaining the barf gnome and all of the merchandise surrounding it

Heck ur right, it’ll just be this copied through the whole book.


Have some ~adorable~ Gravity Falls Deep Woods valentine cards to hold you over until the next part of Quest for the Northwest.

They’re perfect to send to your loved ones or basically whoever! No limits! 
And as a bonus, you can now send us your own Deep Woods cards if you like to, and we will post them right here on the blog!

“The strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon.”