gravity falls gif

Me watching the episode for the first time: Haha, that’s a cute joke because it’s actually a really old book with probably some bad current advice. Huh, how old is the Mystery Shack, I wonder?

Me watching the episode now: 30 years ago Ford fell through the portal and Stan began to devote his entire life toward figuring out the portal and getting his brother back, but he had to make a living in the meantime, and everyone mistook him for his twin and wanted to see what the enigmatic researcher was cooking up out in that cabin, so he outfitted the house as a tourist trap because he knew how to lie and how to dazzle but not much else, he certainly didn’t know how to run a business, and this relic is one of many books he must have quickly bought within that first year or so, books on business, books on physics, books on engineering, all in a frantic search to learn everything he could to keep money coming in, to keep up the lie, to keep working on the portal, to teach himself late into the night, and he worked so hard all on his own, and when he gets back from vacation and sees the book unearthed he’ll probably frown and drop it in a dark dusty closet, trying not to think of the date printed so large on the cover, of how many years it’s been and how much he still doesn’t know