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Pacifica likes to think that she knows better than Mabel and I, and for some God-forsaken reason has decided that Mabel and I are two chumps that, in her words, “anyone could take advantage of.” So, whenever we date anyone new, she takes it upon herself to interrogate them and judge if they are, in fact, boyfriend/girlfriend material.

Mabel and I have received this sort of treatment before with our partners (Mabel more so than I), but this is the first time anybody’s been able to keep up with Pacifica’s shenanigans.

…How strange.

(in which a friendly conversation turns into a game of Who-Stalks-Dipper-More?)

(it’s Bill)

(sorry Pacifica)

This literally shouldn’t have taken as long as it did.

By the way, I originally wanted Bill to major in History so that he’d have some semblance of an explanation as to why he knows all that he knows, but I decided to have him major in Finance so that when they leave school, he’d graduate and immediately take over some big-name company and buy everyone else out so that Pine Tree can live the cushy life. (plus he wants to run the world, so eh)

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but i made a quick thing to celebrate my youtube channel reaching 5k+ subs. thank you all so much?!?! (to those that support and sub me on there from here, haha!) but goodness…i can’t believe it ahh! THANKS A BUNCH!! ;A; <3

Last one before i go to bed.

Mabel got Dipper and Bill to play DD and more D together with threats, puppy dog eyes, and a stab at their “fragile male egos”. 

They’re both losing because Mabel’s the DM but neither of them will blame her even though they are pretty sure Sugar Bunny Princess with a Flamethrower is not a part of the official rules. Bill loves it but is just having trouble winning against it.

human bill au by @doodledrawsthings

Spoilers and Movies

Summary: It’s family movie night, but it can be tough picking out a movie that’s okay for everyone. Luckily, Stan has a plan though it may come a bit at Ford’s expense. One shot. Star Wars mention.

Stanuary Prompt: Family


It could be quite a challenge to pick out a movie for the Pines family, especially for movie night.

Stan paused as he raked his eyes over his collection of VHS’s and Soos’s DVD’s. The thing was that they all had so many issues that some movies simply had to be cut out.

Ford couldn’t watch anything that had a portal in it. He seemed pretty okay with it, but they all had noticed the way he’d tense up at the sight of one in a movie, especially if it had a blue glow. They all had to be cautious with sci-fi horror movies, because the first few they had watched together had ended with stories from Ford’s time on the other side of the portal that made the rest of the family want to toss their cookies. It wasn’t so bad when it turned out that he had met things that looked similar but were actually peaceful compared to what was on screen, but the other times…

Needless to say, Stan, Mabel, and Dipper had no desire to watch Stomach-busting Parasites any time soon.

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dipper and mabel + D or F or O just fluff i don't even care

this one’s for @endae as well who asked for stan setting the twins a bedtime! i hope you don’t mind putting it together with another prompt

o – the stars or space

“I miss the stars.”

Dipper shifts to his right and looks at his sister from across the room. She stares at the triangular window in their room from her own bed, sighing softly at the sky beyond. Ever since Weirdmageddon began, the stars haven’t returned. The sky stays at a dim yellow throughout the night, varying in shades of orange and red when the sun’s supposed to come out. For now, it’s all just dark shade of yellow.

He’s never missed the stars before. Maybe they’re right — you don’t know you love something until it’s gone. You don’t love breathing until you’re a step away from your last breath.

“They used to be so pretty…” Mabel adds softly as she closes her eyes for a brief second. “I miss them, Dipper.”

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characters that i headcanon as trans or nb
  • luke skywalker, star wars (trans man)
  • rick sanchez, rick and morty (trans man)
  • daniel jacobi, wolf 359 (trans man)
  • alana maxwell, wolf 359 (nb)
  • isabel lovelace, wolf 359 (trans woman)
  • renee minkovski, wolf 359 (trans woman)
  • rey, star wars (nb)
  • steven universe, steven universe (trans boy)
  • connie maheswaran, steven universe (nb trans girl)
  • harry potter, harry potter (trans boy)
  • lars, steven universe (trans boy)
  • sadie, steven universe (nb trans girl)
  • sirius black, harry potter (trans man)
  • leia organa, star wars (trans woman)
  • ryan dalias, EOS 10 (trans man)
  • arule delatro levithian III, EOS 10 (nb man)
  • bilbo baggins, the hobbit (trans man)
  • dipper pines, gravity falls (trans boy)
  • mabel pines, gravity falls (trans girl)

they’re all my trans children and i love them