gravity falls countdown project

DAY 6, Entry #1 "SOCK OPERA" ✂ - halfys
"Dipper! This sock crisis just bumped up to code argyle! 
The laptop can wait!"
"Mabel, do you seriously think that your random crush of the week 
is more important than uncovering the mysteries of this town? 
You're obsessed!"
"I'm obsessed? Look at you! You look like a vampire!
And not the hot kind!" 
"But you said you were going to help me today!"
DAY 6, Entry #2 ✂ - sailorleo
"How about you hand that book over?" 
"No way! This is Dipper's! I'd never give it away!" 
"Hmm, you didn't seem to have a problem taking it for your 
own play, ditching him when he needed you. So come to your senses. 
Gimme the book or your play is ruined. ...There it is. I mean, 
who would sacrifice everything they've worked for 
just for their dumb sibling?"
“19-10-14-9-25 4-16-19 21-23-12-11 22-19-18-9-6-19 4-16-19 5-4-9-6-11”
DAY 20, Entry #1 "Not What He Seems" ✂ - busket
"Ah. This is what Saturdays are for. 
Doing dumb things forever."
DAY 20, Entry #2 ✂ - cherryviolets
"What...? Who is that?"
"The author of the journals... my brother."
“4-16-15-6-4-25 25-19-23-6-5 23-10-20 10-9-1 16-19'5 22-23-21-13. 4-16-19 11-25-54-19-6-25 15-10 4-16-19 11-25-5-4-19-6-25 5-16-23-21-13.”
DAY 16, Entry "Old Man McGucket's Conspiracy Corner" ✂ - kinseis
"Yesterday, I was looking around, see, 
and I noticed a window in the Mystery Shack 
shaped like a big ol' triangle with an eyeball in it. 
Now I can't stop thinking about triangles. 
Portals, demons, nacho earrings, infinity pizza.  
I have a theory that roadside cones 
are trying to take over the world. Lousy shapes!"
DAY 8, Entry #1 "Little Gift Shop Of Horrors: Hands Off" ✂ - strampunch
"Alright, I can tell what you're looking for is 
this disembodied hand! 
Why is it so expensive? Well, that's quite a tale. 
And it's called HANDS OFF! 
No seriously, hands off that's not for sale."
"That old crone should apologize to me for 
denying my right to buy cheap junk. 
I don't need hands. I've got self-respect!"
DAY 8, Entry #2 "Abaconings" ✂ - kikyz
"It all makes sense now. What good is helping the world 
if I can't help my favorite person in the world? 
It's a good thing I built in a dumb-dumb switch."
"Waddles, Waddles, don't! Wait!"
"I'm sorry, Dipper. I want you to know 
in my last eight seconds of consciousness 
that science is a horizon to search for, 
not a prize to hold in your hand. 
Also, I miss getting my tummy tickled."
DAY 8, Entry #3 "Clay Day" ✂ - sellerdoor
"What? You really think someone moves these figures 
one frame at a time? I'm not a masochist! 
I use black magic to make them animate themselves. 
It was great at first, but one day...  "
“23-12-12 23-10-15-11-23-4-15-9-10 15-5 22-12-23-21-13 11-23-17-15-21”
DAY 15, Entry #1 "Northwest Mansion Mystery" ✂ - twofoxes
"I need your help."
"You're the worst. See?"
"Look. You think it's easy for me to come here? 
I don't want to be seen in this hovel. 
But there's something haunting Northwest Manor. 
If you don't help me, the party could be ruined!"
"And why should I trust you? All you've ever done 
is try to humiliate me and Mabel."  
DAY 15, Entry #2 ✂ - khozen
"I smell... A NORTHWEST! Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
"Hurry! Read through your dumb book already!" 
"I'm looking! And it's not dumb, okay? 
This book is gonna save our lives! 
Alright, here we go. Advice:"
"Aww, seriously?!" 
“5-4-23-10-15-5-10-9-4-1-16-23-4-16-19-5-19-19-11-5 5-4-23-10-15-5-10-9-4-1-16-23-4-16-19-5-19-19-11-5 5-4-23-10-15-5-10-9-4-1-16-23-4-16-19-5-19-19-11-5”

Little Dipper ✂ housebuiltbyghosts

“I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule!”
“I’m taller than Dipper!”
“By one millimeter!”
“Hey, hey, don’t get… short with your sister.”
“Now Grunkle Stan, I hope you don’t think… little of him.”


DAY 7, Entry #1 "SOOS AND THE REAL GIRL" ✂ - Gracie
"I'm not sure you want to buy that game, sir. 
This is the third time someone's brought it back, 
and there's a note on it that says "destroy at all costs."
DAY 7, Entry #2 ✂ - classykatelyn
"Hello, friends. Hoo Ha the owl is dead. 
This next song goes out to my forever boyfriend, Soos."
DAY 5, Entry #1 "LEFTY" ✂ - wet-monsoon
"Literally I've been following him around for weeks... 
and I've never once seen the right side of his face... 
and neither has anyone else. But why? 
Mabel? Theories?"
DAY 5, Entry #2 "TOOTH"
"I don't know, I've been looking for... there it is.
Okay, after it attacked us, that giant head thing just
sunk back into the lake, and it lost another one of its teeth 
trying to eat our boat! But the important thing is, we survived. 
"Hide Behind? Oh, he's real alright. Real as my beard! 
He was behind me once; made this sound: tchktchktchktchktchktchk.
Mighty spooky."

"Oh, the Hide Behind is definitely real. 
He might even be behind me right now! Let me see..."

"Don't believe every legend you hear, kid. The people in this town 
are literally the dumbest people in the world. 
“20-15 13-5. 20-8-5 4-1-18-11-14-5-19-19 9-19 14-5-1-18.”

Gideon Rises ✂ classykatelyn

“Dipper you don’t need that book! Don’t you see? On your own you defeated a giant robot with nothing but your bare hands! You’re a hero whether you’ve got that journal or not.”
“Woah. Thanks Mabel. I still want it back though.”
“I’m sure you’ll get it back. What would a boring old man like Stan want with that book anyway?”

-5-19-23-6-21-16 18-9-6 4-16-19 22-12-15-10-20-19-25-19

Bottomless Pit ✂ khozen

“I can’t believe this nonsense. Magic tonics? Soos winning at something? Where did you come up with this stuff? I’ll tell you a good story. It’s called "Grunkle Stan wins the football bowl”

-14-5-24-20 21-16: “6-15-15-20-2-15-20 20-23-15: 7-18-21-14-11-12-5'19 7-18-5-22-5-14-7-5.

Dipper vs Manliness ✂ copygeijutsuka

“So maybe I don’t have muscles, or hair in certain places, and… sure, when a girly pop song comes on the radio, sometimes, I leave it on! ‘Cause dang it, top 40 hits are in the top 40 for a reason! They’re catchy!”
“Destructor… What are you saying?" 
"I’m saying the Multi-bear is a really nice guy. And you’re a bunch of jerks if you want me to cut off his head!" 
"Kill the multi-bear or never be a man!”
“Then I guess I’ll never be a man.”


DAY 10, Entry #1 "Mabel's Guide to Colors" ✂ - feyofnumbers
"Alright, we're about to unleash the power of the 
"Roy-G-Biv-A-Tron" into Stan's office!"
"Nothing brightens the dark room like a light from a window! 
It's time to open the window...
OH NO!! Why!!! Why is this happening!!?"
Entry #2 "Mabel's Guide to Art"
"I give you...  the Cat-icature! 
Just compare this amazing likeness to Dipper!"
"That doesn't look anything like me-"
"You're right it does look exactly like you!"
“19-20-1-14 23-1-19 1 2-1-2-25 13-15-4-5-12 ”