gravity falls christmas tree

Here’s your gift @watercoolerfreak! I hope it was worth the wait!

I tried to take your requests and get a little bit of all of them into one. Bill being confused about human christmas traditions was my favorite part. He an’t having none of that. But Dipper seems pretty optimistic about it, so maybe something will work its self out. Thank you for your patience, it was very much appreciated.

Thanks to @gravityfalls-secretsanta for hosting! I look forward to next year! 8D

It’s a little late, but here, have some holiday Pines!!

aha with some bonus Bill Cipher

[headcanon that the twins alternate between Christmas and Hanukkah every year]


Every year my family and I make the christmas tree themed. The last year (officially last year) was my turn, and I decided made a Gravity Falls Christmas Tree.
I made the eyes, and searched the images, even made the diaries, (I had the diary 2 for my old cosplay of Gideon so I just done 2 diaries more) I struggled to not forget anybody.
What do you think?

I spent way too long on this, but I cannot help myself. No one can help me.

@billdip-week Day Six: Decoration the (Pine) Tree.

Yes, this joke is likely all over that blog already. But I thought I’d add the whole Pines family looking on at the spectacle. I also recently got back into Layton, my go-to for keeping it simple in terms of character design. So I tried a little simplification in a similar vein. Was I successful? Not with the background

I wonder what Bill would place on the top of the Pine Tree…

Merry Christmas, Pine Tree

Ugh, i haven’t written anything in forever and i did this at around four in the morning. It’s cheesy and just fluff and human!Bill.

Dipper walked outside into the cold winter air. The snow fell lightly on his red scarf and tan jacket. He could hear the cheers from inside the Mystery Shack as Grunkle Stan, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos opened up present after present. Even Waddles had a stocking full of snacks and toys.

The boy sighed as he watched his extended family so happy. As cheesy as he knew it sounded, he wished that his family would go back to what Christmas really was—like Charlie-Brown-Christmas-special-type real Christmas. Jesus’s-birthday real Christmas. The Pines family used to celebrate, but now it was pretty much only about the gifts.

Dipper turned away from the window with a sigh and went to walk through the woods to clear his mind. The crisp air felt good in his lungs. It felt nice to clear his lungs of the feel of the woodstove Stan used to heat the Shack in winter to save money. He found a tree with some of the wider base exposed, not covered by snow. He sat down on it and drifted off in a daydream.

He thought of everything that had happened the past summer. Almost losing the Shack several times, almost losing everything several times, his sister’s obsession with guys, the dream demon Bill Cipher…

“You called?”

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MIni Grunkle Stan bobblehead for my Gravity Falls Christmas Tree. His head is a cork. Body by Fimo.