gravity falls art

Did the 20 artstyle challenge! It took a long time…

All the characters and backgrounds were drawn by me but the logos were not!

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Fifth of the requests / prompts, this one for @sleepingreader:

Took a while to come up with a good “group costume” for this one, as I wanted to do something that I hadn’t seen done a lot already.  As usual, I have a lot of THOUGHTS about this, lol.  Under a cut, perhaps…

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A little preview of my piece for the @gfwayfaringstrangerszine.  I’m so happy to be a part of this project!  It’s my first time being involved in something like this so I hope I’m doing alright with it.  Thanks so much to everyone putting this book together! 
Everyone’s previews have been absolutely gorgeous and I’m excited to see the full pieces.  This has been a ton of great experience so far as it has pushed me to learn several new technical processes and digital effects.Hope everyone has fun finishing up their pieces!  I just have a little refining and tweaking left and mine will be ready to go!

I bet you all forgot about this guy, Stan S81-J jumping through portals as he does