gravity falls 1 year anniversary

I think one of my favorite things, looking back at the finale, is the ultimate fate of Bill Cipher. Not only was he completely and utterly destroyed by Stan, but he also:

  • Had his statue form chucked down a hole and ended up in a remote part of Oregon rather than a heavily populated area
  • Had to enlist random nerds from around the world in his plan to gain form again
  • The nerds quickly became sidetracked by an enormous jigsaw puzzle that took weeks to finish
  • When the nerds finally found him, the first person to shake his hand was a baby, who was too much young to make any sort of deal with a demon
  • Bill was quickly apprehended by the local authorities for trespassing and had to spend the night in jail
  • Said authorities also managed to lose track of Bill’s hat
  • Finally found a home at Confusion Hill, where he was promptly stapled to a tree and will remain there, alone and hatless, until the heat death of the universe

Really, this is the best outcome I could have ever hoped for with a villain this terrible. I would say his fate in our dimension is poetic justice or irony of some kind, but then where would the “Jason Ritter’s puzzle reaction” meme fit into all this?

“You’re our hero, Stanley”.

Happy Gravity Falls Finale Anniversary!

There are so many, MANY scenes from the finale that I would want to redraw (and might still do sometime), but time was short, and I wanted to mark the anniversary of the finale in some way.  So I settled on pretty much my favorite moment from the end-credits sequence.  I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS.  I love how symbolic it is of Stan and Ford’s mended relationship, I love Stan’s enthusiasm and playfulness, and his physicality, and I will always love it when Ford looks startled (but I also love that he’s relaxed enough to take off his trench-coat and gun-belt, and to allow his brother to surprise him).

Thank you, Alex Hirsch and the entire Gravity Falls team, for such a wonderful show that captured my heart.  And thank you for making this past year a better one than it would have been without Gravity Falls in my life.  

(My own 1-year anniversary of starting to watch the show comes up next week; maybe I can get something done for that too.)

(i just used a show screenshot for the background here, just to be clear)

Day in Fandom History: June 15…

When Dipper and Mabel Pines arrive to spend their summer break in the remote town of Gravity Falls, Mabel’s suspiciously weird new boyfriend causes the twins to come face to face with the town’s strange and uncanny secrets. Gravity Falls first premiered on this day with “Tourist Trapped” on this day, 5 Years Ago.

Gravity Falls one year anniversary Weirdmageddon part 1
I was able to participate in the Gravity Falls one year anniversary calendar, and was super excited to hear I got Weird 1 since it is an episode I adored and was so hyped for. So I made a screencap redraw of Dipper and Wendy since I love them with all my heart.
Happy one year guys!



Here’s the song I did for SnubDub 6, thought it’d be appropriate to upload it today since it’s the 1 year anniversary since Gravity Falls ended. 

Gravity Falls 1 Year Anniversary

So I have had this idea that we ( the collective group of Gravity Falls Artists) could all work together to celebrate what a great show it was (and also the new limited journal 3) . My Idea is that everyday leading up to the Finale (February 15) an episode would be honored. (First day - Tourist Trapped, Second Day - Legend of the Goblewonker, and so on.)

Artists can draw a favorite scene/ screenshot redraw, Or draw a theatrical poster, or really anything they want! They can draw digitally, or traditionally, anything, really.

So what I need is for people to SIGN UP!! I have a few of my personal friends on board to help accomplish this, but we need more Help!

The Calendar will go like this

People can message me @ihavebeencalled, saying they would like to participate , and Which episode they would like to do. This calendar shows the Date that each “episode” will be due. If you could get it done the night before that would be great.

I will Post a List of which episodes are taken, so when you request an episode , write town your top 3 choices, so in case yours is taken, you can still get your choice.

I would really like to do this, so SPREAD THE NEWS!!! If I don’t get that many volunteers, I will cancel it, so don’t let me cancel this!

I would like to get out a complete lift by Thursday the 5th, so please sign up quickly!

When you post your Art, please tag it with #Gravity Falls One Year ,#GF1Year or  #GF One year,

Thanks and I hope to Work with you guys soon!

Happy Fourth Of July!! It’s been one year since I posted my first digital art piece that I made on my iPad. I’ve come so far since then!! I’m so grateful for everyone that likes and reblogs my art For everyone that says how much they love my art, and encourage me to make more! I love you all!! It’s been a really successful first year, and hopefully I’ll improve just as much, and try and make more friends on tumblr within the next year! Have fun and stay safe everyone!! P.S. I’m going to reblog my first digital art piece so people can compare if they want :3

I know I’m a couple days late but hrngngg this took me so much longer to finish than I thought it would. So many characters. I tried to include as many as I could. I wanted to do something from each episode, but I missed a bunch of them. I just couldn’t do anymore people.

SO HERE IT IS. My salute to Gravity Falls. One of my favorite and one of the best cartoons I’ve seen! <3 Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

hmmm, it’s been a while since ive streamed something — especially gravity falls

since the 1 year anniversary of the gravity falls finale is near, would anyone be interested in rewatching the series with me and rewatching the finale on the 15th in february? c: