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Fiddleford H. McGucket most likely has Strabismus/Lazy eye!

Obviously when he was wearing his glasses all the time, his eyes were righted, but this is just for pointing out the wandering eye over time.

We can see his eyes are starting to unfocus, and he’s not looking through his glasses, which are also broken by this point

Completely unfocused, he’s not worn his glasses in a very long time, clearly.

When he wears only one of the goggle lenses, one eye rights itself completely, while the other doesn’t! His prescription goggles focus his eyes!

And when wearing the goggles, his eyes are completely righted!

As a person with strabismus i would like this headcanon/unstated canon? to be more popular! Representation of characters with Strabismus who are meant to be relatable important characters is like, nonexistent, let’s bring on the headcanon!

only 90′s fallers remember

-stella/jill/starchan/whatever her name was
-“STAN TWIN THEORY” being a huge matter of debate
-when pinecest was the biggest Bad Ship to worry about
-“mr pyramid/pyramid guy/triangle guy”
-object head bill was the only bill that existed
-night vale crossovers
-one of the disney games (gravity quest or something like that) revealing a code that said “MCGUCKET KNOWS” and everyone lost their minds
-bill ama and the twitter “hack” that preceded it
-the slenderman edit
-somebody posted a really long infographic about GF on like, memebase or something and people got really mad at them for it
-when alex hirsch was being really petty and kind of racist on twitter and half of tumblr gave up on the show for like two weeks
-depravity falls was like the main Edgy Thing and was full of gore and stuff
-“yo'uve been grankle”
-when dreamscaperers got leaked
-people legitimately thinking that since the llama was on the wheel, wax larry king’s head would be a relevant character
-the collective freakout before the s2 premiere when people thought they were changing the theme song to the one in the trailer
-the subsequent freeze framing of every teeny bit of that trailer
-back when the end title codes were written in simple Caesar or a1b26 or atbash code instead of this vignere crap
-the term “hunkle stan” being coined after skaryoke
-when they first started shortening the theme song and everyone panicked
-that one disney game that revealed “my name is bill” when you decoded all the secret codes
-people getting into huge fights about robbie being a good person or not
-“mystery kids run”, that app that totally ripped off the renders from the show and didnt even bother to edit out the mystery shack sign over the door.
-robbie vampire theory
-the widespread confusion and panic when we realized the stans’ names were switched
-supernatural by ken ashcorp
-the mystery tour or whatever it was called where hirsch went around california and drew Bills on things
-“the author of the journals…my brother”
-mystery kids and parapines
-anytime something slightly edgy happens people would be like O h MY DgDGOD HOW??? DID DISnEy AllOW
-having more than one episode left before the show ended forever

feel free to add more

Cinnamon Rolls of Gravity Falls:
  • <p> <b>Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll:</b> Mable, Dipper, Soos.<p/><b>Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you:</b> Wendy, Bill<p/><b>Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll:</b> Ford<p/><b>Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you:</b> Manly Dan.<p/><b>Literally looks like a cinnamon roll:</b> Gideon.<p/><b>Probably stole and sold cinnamon rolls at some point:</b> Stan<p/></p>

An overpowering sadness has taken over my heart since the announcement of the approaching finale of Gravity Falls. It feels so unreal that the ending of this marvelous story is not too far away. It gives my heart a pain it has never before known. I owe so much to Alex Hirsch, his team and of course, the fellow Fallers who have taken this wild, weird, crazy ride with me through his storytelling. I’ll love you guys forever. I can’t wait to continue on my Gravity Falls sleeve once the book is entirely closed. Stay weird.

About that Infinity Sided Dice...

You know, I’m kinda wondering why there aren’t that many Gravity Falls fanfics and fanart out there that go into that infinity-sided dice scene where Stan rolls it by accident. I mean, literally ANYTHING could have happened, and it’s perfect for creating AUs. That dice could have transform the characters into monsters, like in the Monster Falls AU, or it could have brought Will Cipher from the Reverse Falls AU into their dimension. Maybe a portal would open that leads to the Council of Fords from the 500 Fords AU, or they meet Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty.

So. Many. Possibilities.

When Stan threw that die, any crossover, any AU, any ANYTHING could have happened. Imagine the possibilities of the CRACK FICS!!! (I don’t read/write crack fics, but for those that do, this is your time to shine)

Just thought I’d get that off my chest, and give out ideas for you Gravity Fallers wanting to create more content.