gravity collider


Let’s wind the clock back,
To moments long before.
A time of fun and fatigue,
So let me tell some more.

We met for the first time,
After being so far apart.
Distance was our factor,
Right from the very start.

Finally we were together,
And the stars didn’t fade,
The universe then smiled,
At the pairing it had made.

Like planets which collide,
Our gravity made us one.
Two souls came together,
Burning hotter than a sun.

However it all moved fast,
And things began to fade.
Her eyes spoke the truth,
Of why she couldn’t stay.

I let her go for the night.
It was truly for the better.
She can come anytime,
But only when I let her.


Fitz’s ship gives a violent shake, jostling to him to the side and nearly knocking him unconscious on a side panel, “Bollocks!” He scrabbles for the controls, attempting to manhandle the bloody thing into some semblance of order but it’s completely useless. This pickup hadn’t gone how he’d expected in the slightest. First of all, there was supposed to be an Ice Warrior there. Second of all, there was not supposed to be a swirling vortex of terror that ate him on the way back. The ship rolls heavily and he’s nearly flung into the back, saved only by the vicelike grip he has on the controls.

Around him, a bright swath of light and color zooms by, illuminating the cabin in all sorts of terrifying relief. His own face is a healthy mask of fear as a result before, abruptly, everything is gone. The craft free-falls from an unknown height (and Fitz really does lose his grip this time. Thanks, gravity.) before colliding heavily and skidding along a grassy field. Fitz himself lands hard on the deck, smacking his head and trapping his arm underneath him in what could possibly be a very bad position. The ship sits in a smoking heap, covered in mud and grass for several minutes, thankfully without bursting into flame or something equally dramatic. Finally Fitz manages to roll onto his back with a groan of pain. What the hell was that? Where is he?

First signs of self-interacting dark matter?

Dark matter may not be completely dark after all

For the first time, dark matter may have been observed interacting with other dark matter in a way other than through the force of gravity. Observations of colliding galaxies made with ESO’s Very Large Telescope and the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have picked up the first intriguing hints about the nature of this mysterious component of the Universe.

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When I first saw TFA I couldn’t get this image out of my head of two gallaxies colliding, in connection to Rey and Kylo.

Two strong forces who are pulled by each other’s gravity and collide and spin into one massive galaxy. It may seem very destructive, but there is such a distance between each individual star that they will hardly touch.

For Rey and Kylo, they are guaranteed to meet again, their stories are entertwined now. In the first film their encounters were very head-on, much like the initial clash of the two galaxies, and then they part. But like the galaxies I am sure they will continue to circle each other.