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thank you :D let klance be canon @ the creators

i support keith/lance so much i’m dying. a few concepts for u …

  • keith decides he’s sick of lance proclaiming himself the master of flirting so he brainstorms for hours until he comes up with something. it backfires on him because he delivers it awkwardly. 
    • “hey, lance! i get why you think the universe revolves around you now! it’s because -”
    • “what’s that supposed to mean, huh? are you insulting me, keith? that’s it -”
    • “no! i meant, because your gravitational forces are … pretty, uh, bangin’.”
    • “… what.”
    • anyway, lance ends up bursting into laughter and decides to share some pick up lines with keith but they always sound weird when keith says them because he can’t get the ‘sleaze’ right. 
    • (”It’s not sleazy, Keith!”)
  • one time lance is super tired and drained from training and he just like, collapses on the floor all noodle limbs. he starfishes out and just stares up at the roof. 
    • keith sees him and sees lance’s chest and makes a Connection™. 
    • he ends up lying down with his head pillowed on lance’s chest.
    • “keith, what are you doing? i’m not your pillow, dude! get off me; it’s hot!”
    • “shh. pillows don’t talk.”
  • lance and keith end up lying there for ages and at one stage, lance, whose mind is drifting, thinks about a funny incident from training and starts laughing.
    • end result is keith’s head jiggling because lance’s stomach is jiggling and so he cracks up and then lance cracks up harder -
    • they end up curled into each other and cackling over nothing in particular until keith snorts and almost chokes on his spit. 
  • lance is very tactile and likes showing his affection to people he likes. keith is a little-touch starved but he’s also somewhat uncomfortable with touching strangers.
    • of course, it’s hard to be strangers w/ someone you live with, y’know? after biting the bullet and returning lance’s touch, it sort of becomes a thing to touch each other.
      • lance is sitting on the couch and idly moves his legs so keith can sit down on the opposite end and keith reaches for lance’s feet to place them in his lap. of course, they’re still them.
      • “wow, you’d think for someone who can make their skin look so nice they’d know how to wash their feet, too.”
      • keith! first of all, we’re gonna return to you thinking my skin is nice in a moment. second of all, how dare you! i smell like roses, keith. roses.
      • “if the roses were long-dead, maybe.”
      • “it’s like i get no respect around here!”
    • of course, neither of them are fooled. after all, keith is tapping little rhythms against lance’s ankles. 

”- When Krypton was destroyed, the debris showered onto Daxam.
- Yeah, I know, that’s… That’s why I got out of there in a hurry.
- Some of the larger masses struck Daxam’s moon, disrupting the gravitational force of the planet.
- Wait, what are you… What are you saying?
-  Daxam is still there, but it was ravaged by solar storms. It’s a wasteland now. Your home… My home… They’re gone.

[Einstein] completed the [general theory of relativity] in November of 1915 and published it the following spring. Though its equations are complex, its central conception is startlingly simple. The force of gravitation disappears, and is replaced by the geometry of space itself: Matter curves space, and what we call gravitation is but the acceleration of objects as they slide down the toboggan runs described by their trajectories through the undulations of space. The planets skid along the inner walls of a depression in space created by the fat, massive sun; clusters of galaxies rest in spatial hollows like nuggets in a prospector’s bowl.
—  Timothy Ferris, ‘Coming of Age in the Milky Way’

Isaac Newton assumed an inverse square law for gravitation and considered two incompressible perfect spheres with nothing else in the universe. This allowed him to compute the orbits of the planets to tolerable precision. Deviations from these predictions taught us new things: unexpected changes in the orbit of Uranus led to the discovery of Neptune, the anomalous precession of the perihelion of Mercury’s orbit became one of the major proofs of general relativity. We now have far more sophisticated models of gravity than Newton’s, and are working on refining them further.

But you can also tell this story another way. Newtonian orbits gave rise to the idea of a clockwork universe, which turned out to be deeply misleading. In the actual solar system, tidal forces and the influence of other planets on orbits mean that orbits are constantly changing. The solar system does appear to be reasonably stable, but for an entirely different reason than the one suggested by the simplified two-body problem. The adoption of important ideas was delayed due to over-rigid Newtonian thinking.

Obviously Newtonian gravity was a tremendous intellectual advance, and probably a necessary step to further progress in physics. So it is good that some people think this way. But it is also good that some people thought other ways and were willing to come out of left field with inconsistent ideas rather than working on refining existing models. Intellectual history is filled with advances that came about because someone insisted stubbornly that inconvenient observations were correct, and other advances that came about because someone had the courage and insight to ignore observations.

—  Aaron Brown
Gravity-defying Hair

Read on the ao3
Characters: Ten, Donna, implied Ten x Rose
Summary: The Doctor reveals the secret of his amazing hair to Donna. Humor and a little bit o’ angst. Unbeta’d.

“I don’t understand.” Donna said as they stepped out the TARDIS doors.

“Don’t understand what?” the Doctor asked, an amused look on his face. He pulled the door closed.

“Your hair. How does it do that?”

“Do what?”

“It defies gravity.”

The corner of his mouth twitched and he fought a smile. “Donna, I can assure you, my hair is subject to the gravitational forces of whatever planet we’ve landed on, just like everything else. Now, off to prove that Starbucks is as pervasive throughout the universe as gift shops.”

“Still defying gravity!” Donna yelled as they sped down an alley, praying the blasters would miss.

“Donna, this is hardly the time–” He ducked as a blaster beam whizzed by his ear and tugged on Donna’s hand to pull her around a corner.

“Whenever the rest of us curl our hair it falls flat every time! It’s not fair!”

Alien mafia busted, they shared a celebratory laugh just inside the doors of the TARDIS.

And then she said, “I’m telling you, your hair is still sticking up. What product do you use? Some sort of martian hair gel? A wax made from the exotic fruit on the planet Tropica?”

“You really want to know about this, don’t you?”

“Come on.” She nudged his shoulder with her own. “Can’t keep all the styling secrets of the universe to yourself.”

He groaned in concession, knowing she wouldn’t leave him alone until he answered her. “Oh, come on, then.” He put his hands in his pockets and strode towards the corridor.

“Really? You’re really going to show me?” Donna clapped her hands together lightly and bounced excitedly before she hurried off to follow him.

He grabbed a door knob and paused. “Don’t make fun of me, please.” He opened the door and motioned for her to walk in, and she obliged. “My hair studio.”

She wheeled around. “You call it–”


“You call it–” She barked out a laugh.

“Donna, please–”

“Your hair studio!”

He rolled his eyes and waited for her to finish. All of his companions in this body had poked fun at him, but he appreciated it more than he let on. He knew he occasionally needed to be knocked down a few pegs.

After a moment he stepped into the small room. “Over there on the shelf, you’ll see I just use simple hair gel. Well, the good, quality stuff, but the secret is actually in the spray canister.”

Donna picked it up off the shelf. “Anti-Gravity Hair Spray,” she read off the label. “Provides the lift your tresses need, evaporates as your product sets.” Her face lit up. “I knew it! Oh, that’s cheating! Where did you even find this?”

“Well…” he paused. “Rose found it for me at a market.” He looked at the floor.

Donna’s face softened as she listened to her best friend talk about the love of his life.

“Sort of as a little gag gift. We had a bit of fun with it one morning, but it wasn’t really practical for everyday use. I kept it a bit longer while she was around because she liked to–” He blushed and stopped when he realized his mouth was running away from him.

“She liked your hair, did she?” Donna smirked. “Yeah, you’ve kept it a bit shorter in the back these days. Wasn’t like that when I first met you.”

“That was right after…” He shook his head. “Anyway, found it works fine now.” He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck.

Without any warning, Donna flipped her head over and sprayed her hair liberally. When she flipped her hair over, it floated into the air around her head. “Ha! Look at my hair! Doctor, look at my hair! This is wild! Talk about volume. Mine’s cranked right up to eleven!”

His face broke into a wild grin. Always count on Donna to cheer him up. He pulled a camera out of his jacket pocket. “Picture?”

She nodded and they posed, and his camera printed the tiny photo. He placed it on the edge of the mirror.

Donna grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the console room. “Let’s go show Gramps!”

cosmic witchcraft 101: venusian magick ♀

Venus is the second planet from the Sun. Most likely the planet formed through disk accretion - gravitational forces drawing dust and particles together to form a rocky core, which gets big enough to capture the lighter elements that form the planet’s atmosphere. Astronomer Giovanni Cassini reported a moon on venus in the 1600′s, and many people claimed to see it over the next 200 years. Most of these sightings were proven to be nearby stars, but scientists believe Venus had a moon in our solar system’s earlier years. They hypothesize a huge impact on Venus created a moon billions of years ago, but 10 million years after its formation another huge impact reversed the planet’s spin direction and caused the moon to spiral inward until it collided with Venus.


  • Venus is the 3rd brightest object in the sky after the Sun and Moon.
  • Incredibly thick, reflective clouds of sulfuric acid cause the planet to shine so brightly.
  • Due to its runaway greenhouse effect, Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system.
  • A Venusian day is 243 Earth days, 18 days longer than a Venusian year.
  • Venus spins backward compared to the other planets. From its surface, the Sun would appear to rise in the west and set in the east.
  • Venus is the most spherical of all the planets.

Magickal Correspondences*

Colors: red, pink, white, green, yellow, purple

Intents: love, self-love, glamors, balance, peace, creativity, attraction, beauty, justice, material comfort, finances, reversal of fortune

Herbs: vanilla, rose, poppy, peppermint, daffodil, juniper, hibiscus, heather, tansy, lilac, violet, myrrh, eucalyptus

Crystals: emerald, rose quartz, blue calcite, jade, green jasper, lapis lazuli, sodalite, turquoise, rhodonite, serpentine, celestite

*some of these correspondences are based on traditional associations and some are based on my personal associations

AN: I feel v bad saying this, but that gif makes me laugh every time I see it. Poor bb. Thank you anon for sending this in to me, I hope you like it! *I do not own the gif, please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Can I request a Pietro x Reader where the reader can control gravitational forces and is really into training and expanding their abilities? I know requests are closed and that you are super busy so if you can’t write it I understand. I love reading everything you write and look forward to reading more!!!


“Fallen for You”

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What is the strongest force in the Universe?

“On the largest scales, the fundamental, tiny amount of energy inherent to space itself — less than one Joule of energy per cubic kilometer of space — is enough to overcome even the gravitational attraction between the most massive galaxies and clusters in the Universe. The result? An accelerated expansion, as the most distant galaxies and clusters move farther and farther away from one another at ever faster rates as time goes on. On the largest cosmic scales, even gravity doesn’t get its way.”

But what does it truly mean to be strong? We have four fundamental forces in the Universe: the strong, electromagnetic, weak and gravitational forces. You might think that, by virtue of its name, the strong force is the strongest one. And you’d be right, from a particular point of view: at the smallest distance scales, 10^-16 meters and below, no other force can overpower it.
But under the right circumstances, each of the forces can shine. Up until recently, on the largest scales, we thought that gravitation – by and large the weakest of the forces – was the only force that mattered. And yet, when we look on the very largest scales, many billions of light years in size, even gravitation doesn’t win the day.
There are four possible answers depending on how you look at the question. Come find out who’s the strongest of them all!

Love is being willing to go against every instinct you’ve ever had for something new and frightening and uncertain. Love is seeing another person and being aware of faults, but unwilling to realize their significance, because those faults are so outweighed by the wonderful things. Love is feeling a physical ache from absence, a physical fullness from shared presence. It’s seeing beauty in life where before you only saw wretchedness. It’s feeling comfortable where before you felt alone. It’s actually wanting to wake up in the morning and not being afraid to fall asleep at night. It’s warm, and it smells and tastes delicious, and it makes you wish for a lot more than four days.
—  @ysbasadventure (O Night and Stars Return)

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When your stand reverses things, does it utilize the conservation of momentum in an isolated system? Or is energy lost upon reversing said object? This of course is not applicable to non-physical things such as time.

The same directional energy is kept. If a car is speeding towards me and I use  O R A N G E C R U S Hthen it will continue at the same speed in the opposite direction. It works a lot like Mario’s Cape in Super Smash in regards to physical objects but can also reverse more esoteric things like Signs, Electrical Currents, Gravitational Forces, Etc etc.

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There's no such thing as 'density of gravity'. Gravity isn't an object. And there's also no 'gravity around an object'. What I meant is, I think Chuuya can pick a point or a core where he exerts gravitational force. If he wants to stick to the ceiling, the small area of gravitational pull will be on the ceiling, keeping him up there as if he's standing on solid ground. Also, by manipulating the gravitational acceleration, he's changing the weight of a person or object.

Okay roll back the attitude a bit dude I definitely typed it wrong and meant to say acceleration of gravity which is why three seconds later I went back and fixed it. 

This is not that serious and I’m sensing a bit of hostility that I’m not about. You asked my theories, and I gave them, because in all honesty I have not thought that in depth about Chuuya’s ability on the technical side mainly because this is a fantasy type of setting. While I understand there is definitely science behind it I’m literally just basing shit off of what I vaguely remember from high school. 

So I’m just going to cut this off right here because I’m not attempting to prove my scientific knowledge of gravity because it is barely existent as it is. 

Reasons behind Saturn’s Correspondences

Death: the fact that Saturn takes around 29 ½ years to orbit the Sun, and the average lifespan of a person in the dark ages was 30 years old.

Limitations, restriction, caution, binding, and protection: Saturn was the last visible planet known to ancient astrologers, plus the order brought from chaos of Saturn’s rings.

Discipline, responsibility, and boundaries: represented by the gravitational force that holds Saturn’s rings in place, and Saturn’s rings in general. 

Structure, order, and chaos: represented by Saturn’s ability to bring in chaotic debris and ice to form its rings.

Consequence, justice, life lessons, and manifestation: Saturn, named for the Roman equivalent of the Greek Cronus/Kronus, is known as the “God” of agriculture, harvest, and time (although, Cronus is actually known as the leader of the Titans).

  • Harvest, in this case, relates to reaping both rewards and consequences for one’s actions, and time relates to a destructive force that all beings are subject to.

These interpretations are based on my personal understanding, and I don’t claim that they are totally accurate, but I mainly wrote this for personal use and decided to share my findings.
Flight - Sunflower82597 - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Flight

Rating: Explicit

Summary: Ushijima Wakatoshi didn’t like things that were unpredictable; it left things airy and uncertain, not like the concrete, tangible patterns he is used to seeing and expecting—it left room for error, for surprise, for defeat. Ushijima was not keen on the idea of someone like Hinata Shōyōu existing as a competitor, because in terms of predictability, he was a monster.

But he was a new challenge, and he did not back down from challenges, especially not on one that is so incredibly different from the norm that he has engrained in his very soul; he knew that the spitfire redhead wouldn’t go down without a fight, and it excited him– enthralled him. He soon finds himself sucked into the gravitational force that is Hinata’s nature, and he can’t say he would want it any other way.

For @ushi-hina ‘s @ushihinaprompts weekly challenge. 

yixing’s “lose control” mv explanation

ok so the mv begins like this:

What’s behind the text reminding us of the song’s title and the fact that it was written, composed, and arranged by the talented Zhang Yixing? Presumably the ocean? Foreshadowing perhaps?

Yes. Sprinkled throughout the mv are scenes of Yixing dancing on this water-like surface before the moon. 

We learn that this water-like surface is actually the ocean when Yixing falls deep into the water.

So what does this mean? Well let’s take a closer look at these two images, the moon and the ocean. From a scientific standpoint, the connection between the moon and ocean is that the gravitational force of the moon contributes to the rise and fall of sea levels. These are also called tides. Familiar?

Yixing endorses the detergent brand Tide. There you have it folks, endorsement king Zhang Yixing keeps his brand pure by dedicating Lose Control to Tide. Thanks for reading and purchase Yixing’s 1st mini album Lose Control on iTunes and purchase Tide at your local grocery store or Wallmart.


Love just happens. When you are not looking for it. Not paying attention. Unaware. You could miss it the first few times, but then, unexpectedly, somehow this invisible magnetic energy pulls you and another person together. And you feel this beautiful magic. Like a gravitational force – as if the moon were kissing the sun. And their name becomes the most hypnotic name. And you die to see their eyes when you open yours every time.
                                      ― Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun

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1) Who is your favorite fictional character? Why?

Sakura Haruno: because that girl has been a small gravitational force in my imagination for eleven strong years. Her character was treated very poorly in the original narrative, but I think what she was meant to represent in an ideal telling is perseverance, never giving up, and heart. 

2) What is your favorite song to listen to?

I am a terrible person to ask this because I’ve been listening to the 10 hour version of He Man’s HEYEAYEA song like a depressed person for like two hours. But I really like Cosmic Love by Florence +the Machine

3) History, science, or art?

To study? History. To teach? Science. To mess around with? Art.

4) Have you ever played any of the Assassin’s Creed games, and if so, which game/character was your favorite?

Assassin’s Creed II-but I played poorly!!! I am terrible at video games.

5) Would you join the bad guys if it gave you the opportunity to do the right thing?


6) Elves, dwarves, or humans?

Elves because I’m a sucker for the ascetic. 

7) What would you do if you found a dragon egg? Would you keep it or give it away? Protect it or kill it? Share it with others or keep it to yourself?

Money money money!

8) (Bleach fans) What squad would you join if given the option, and what seat would you ask for?

9) After years of betraying the village and attempting to assassinate all those that care for him, Sasuke pops out of nowhere and proclaims he will be the next Hokage (village leader). What is your reaction?


10) Favorite mythological creature?

Mermaids and Unicorns are probs my fav, but that’s a hard one to answer. There are so many amazing choices.

11) Do you believe in the supernatural?

It’s not worth messing with.