Halloween Angel Crossing

By Raya

  One of my first experiences with a crossover of worlds happened when I was 10 years old.  

Just for something fun to do, my mom decided to take me to the graveyard on Halloween to visit her grandparents’ graves after the cemetery had been closed up for the night.

A fun, spooky, slightly illegal activity perfect for parental bonding. It was dark out, but the lamp-posts along the cemetery path lit the way in a sickly pale fashion. We were half way to our family’s graves when my mom stopped dead in her tracks and clutched my arm tightly.

 "Do you see a person there?“ she asked and pointed to a giant dark figure beneath a lamp-post about 30 feet away.

I nodded, my mouth had gone too dry to reply.

"It’s probably a security guard, let’s head back to the car. We’re not supposed to be in here after hours,” she said nervously.

Before either of us could turn around or unstick our eyeballs from the strangely large figure, it started to walk. It moved fast, but not in a running way. More in a it was taking huge, loping strides that would be impossible for a human to create sort of way. The longer we watched it walk from one lamp post to the other, the more unnatural it looked. To begin with, we didn’t hear it. There was no scuffling of feet, no sound of shoes on the hard cement path. Sure, we were far away. But the graveyard echoed with every tiny sound, every disturbed pebble, and every scuttling leaf.

But the figure?

There was no echo of sound from it.

The final piece of its unnaturalness was how the lump that was its head nearly reached the top of the lamp-posts. In short- it couldn’t have just been a person in stilts. It was a massive humanoid thing.

As we watched it move farther away from us, it suddenly disappeared, leaving only a small flickering light close to the ground. We took a few steps closer and saw it was coming from a tiny lantern hanging beside a grave.

Our “Mother-Daughter Bonding Time” was cut pretty short that night, mostly because we ran back to the car, and partially because we were both too freaked out to do much else that night besides eat Halloween candy and pretend we didn’t just see something very un-human.

Upon discussing this with my blog partner, he concluded that it sounded like an angel. From it’s massive size to its light bringing qualities, it fit the description to a T. Now I feel a bit silly running away from it, but I’m greatly relieved that it wasn’t harmful.

If you have any similar stories or thoughts about the world glitching and beings passing through, please share! We would love to hear it :)