“Zombie Graveyard” Red Velvet 21st Birthday cake order I did this morning.
I made everything from scratch, except for the white skulls around the middle. Everything is edible.
I’m quite stoked with how it turned out, and can’t wait to taste it - for once I get to eat a piece of a cake order I’ve made, because I’m going to the party that this cake is for.

witchy wlw aesthetics

• spiderweb eyelashes
• catcall weapon; sharpened sigil nails
• love potion fruit punch
• graveyard dirt caked hands holding each other
• Victorian flower language wedding bouquets
• “i love you” spoken in tongues
• candle lit ritual baths
• kisses on tarot paper cut fingertips
• sugared violets
• matte lipstick spilling mouth canker curses

Ewww... ZOMBIES!

Eric asked me to make a cake for Jeremy’s birthday back in November. I agreed without asking what the theme would be. If I would have known he wanted me to make a zombie cake I probably wouldn’t have said yes. =P

Zombies are gross…

Looking at pictures of zombie’s online for inspiration is even gross-er.

He also wanted me to add a sheriff version of Jeremy killing the zombies. So… that’s exactly what I did.

There’s Jeremy! My sister insisted that I put some blood on his cheek. Something about Dexter… I really don’t know.

Add a little red piping gel for blood, cocoa powder and Oreo cookies for dirt and boy does it make a huge difference! :D

Eric picked up the cake from my mom the next day. She wasn’t exactly thrilled with what I had designed.

Mom: That’s a weird cake.

Eric: I have a weird friend…

I specifically told Eric to bring someone else with him so that the other person would be able to hold on to the cake safely instead of having it just sit on the empty passengers seat. Did he listen?

Of course not…

So unfortunately Jeremy’s head fell off and landed in the dirt and grass. Luckily they were able to safely place his head back as soon as they got to the restaurant. I probably should have secured all the body parts a little better. I guess it was a tad bit my fault too, but I’ll continue to blame Eric! :D

Dirty face. :[

Birthday boy!!

Red Velvet with cream cheese filling. :P