graveyard statue

Yannoulis Chalepas (1851-1938)
“Sleeping Female Figure” (1877)
Located at the Tomb of Sofia Afentaki, First Cemetery of Athens, Greece


Tombs of the Trebi

Aquileia, Italy

1st - 3rd centuries CE

A small cemetery has been found outside the western limit of Aquileia. It consists of five enclosures separated by brick walls. The sarcophagi/monuments in each enclosure belonged to members of the same family.
A small sculpture (original at the Archaeological Museum) portrays a (dead) woman being comforted by Psyche, a very young girl with wings who accompanied the dead to the underworld. 

Many of the sarcophagi/monuments are finely decorated. Some of their reliefs show jars, most likely a reference to funerary ceremonies. A relief with dolphins around a trident, which was very popular in many contexts, when placed on a tomb might have indicated that the dead was a seaman or a ship owner or that he was about to begin his last journey to beyond the Pillars of Hercules, which the living were not allowed to cross.