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Analyzing Rhink - The kiss that started it all

Introduction to the madness/discussions

In discussing our head canons for these two amazing men, and their epic love for each other, we talked about when we thought their relationship changed from epic soulmates to soul mates who fuck.

After a very loooong ass discussion, where we flailed incoherently for 28 pages, we came to the same conclusion: The romantic/sexual side of their relationship is only a very recent thing. We don’t think they’ve been sleeping together for years. We pinpointed the beginning of “something more” to the News Musical: Wedding Fail episode, better known as the Newsical-kiss, Plexi-kiss or the kiss that nearly killed the Rhink fandom.

We believe that the aftermath of the plexi-kiss showed them a side to their relationship that was previously, completely unexplored. This got them thinking, questioning what was between them. It made them realize feelings that they a) didn’t know they had and b) didn’t know how to deal with. Unfortunately, Rhett and Link didn’t kiss through the plexi-glass and ride off into the sunset. We think the aftermath of the plexi-kiss led to more denial and a great deal of angst. The plexi-kiss was a catalyst and where the change in their relationship began.

We invite you relax, take a seat and listen to our theory of how the plexi-kiss punched Rhett and Link in the face with feels.

So let’s talk about that.

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Shall I Lie?

Do you know what being a demon really is?

It’s waking up at 1 in the morning and tasting blood on your tongue because you’ve bitten into the soft flesh of your lips to stop the screams.

It’s smirking at sad things because has the world really become this melting pot of hate? Yes, and it is disgusting.

It’s trading words with strangers because they think you’re heaven-sent in your seemingly endless knowledge of pain. No one should know pain like a best friend.

It’s stealing kisses in graveyards and behind churches with angel incarnates and making promises you know you won’t fulfill.

Being a demon is walking into churches not because it hurts, but because you aren’t meant to be there, yet you are.

Being a demon is.. Holding your lovers close with hatred for the world in your eyes because they’ve seen too much. They’ve fought too much, and they should be happy whilst you are hurting, not the other way around.

Being a demon, with as much intended irony as you dare say, is hell.

Process of Elimination

I can scarcely recall how long ago
my lonesome heart caved in and then shattered;
at least I can say I now know the cost
has been sleep and I’m dying to rest.

One graveyard kiss wrought wine-flavored despair
invoking sights of my own sweet release;
we are, at best, the inconsolables
so, instead, pray for the godless masses.

Every stark star that mars the dark night sky
softly and somberly summoning me;
the abyss encroaches, maw opened wide;
we share a kiss before stepping inside

When it comes to drawing one’s final breath;
I quite liked having been needed to death

Half-stanzas/couplets plucked from the following pieces, respectively:
Less Heartless
The Rest
Conflicted Me
The Pact

No but do you ever imagine Steven Moffat writing the first Doctor/Master kiss like

“You know what?
I’ve always wanted to see the Doctor and the Master kiss.
I’m totally gonna make them kiss.
After all these years, this is my occasion.

Because I’m the showrunner.
And they’re going to kiss.
And I’m gonna make this ship sail.
And nobody can stop me.
I do what the fuck I want with my ships.”

[Evil Moffat laugh.]

And then phoning Mark Gatiss like

“Hey Mark, guess what…”
“What thing”
“You mean…”
“Mark…? MARK!”
“You know what? You should make them kiss TWICE.”

And then the graveyard kiss in DIH happened.

First Disneyland Halloween HC: reader x Kurt Wagner

Warnings: graveyard, ghost, food, kissing, fireworks, Halloween 

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Going to Disneyland while it’s Halloween themed and dating Kurt Wagner would include:

  • pulling Kurt by the hand down main street because he’s so in awe of the scenery that he is hardly moving
  • “Zat is one big pumpkin!”
  • going to New Orleans square and waiting in line to meet Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas- it’s Halloween, how could you not?
  • “Why is zis taking so long?”
  • “It’s just how lines are in Disneyland”
  • him tilting his head to the side seemingly puzzled by the concept of waiting in lines to meet someone
  • “I could just teleport us up zhere”
  • giggling at your cute little innocent Kurt
  • “We have to wait just like everyone else, cutie”
  • Jack and Sally having a ‘moment’ while you are next in line
  • they held each other close before turning to look at you two and gesture for you to come in
  • “Why hello there! Did you want a picture with us?” Jack would announce while walking towards you both with wide open arms
  • “Might I say, blue one, you are the most handsome creature in all of Halloween Town!” Sally would say 
  • Kurt’s tail would curl (his way of blushing) and would hide his face between your shoulder and neck
  • the camera man would begin to count down from three
  • He would wrap his long arms around you and Kurt while Sally curtsied next to you for the photo
  • “Everyone say Happy Halloween!”
  • Kurt smiling soooo wide at having been complimented
  • it made you feel good to see him like this because you knew how self-conscious he gets about his appearance in public
  • Waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion would take for. ev. er.
  • “Kurt, I’m getting so hungry I may just eat your face”
  • he’d laugh then say, “Hold on vone second!” before vanishing only to reappear across the street by a vendor
  • He’d buy some popcorn and then transport right back to you where you practically leapt on him to get to the food
  • “-anks fur th’ food, babe,” you’d say through a mouthful of popcorn
  • he’d hold your hand firmly during the ride, the various graveyards and ghosts causing him to whimper
  • “Vhy must Halloween revolve around zhe scary sings (things)? Vhy can’t it be about blue skies and flowery meadows?”
  • you responded by smiling, kissing his cheeks, and then cuddling into his side, immediately feeling him relax more at your closeness
  • Okay but his teleporting ability is not only perfect for getting food, but for getting around the crowds
  • when the parade finished later that night, people were swarming in the masses, but Kurt simply hugged you to him, looked at the entrance to Adventure Land, and then teleported straight there
  • once you materialized, you leaned up and kissed his cheek
  • “Thanks for the lift, cutie!”
  • His tail curling (again) at your nickname
  • You’d absolutely LOVE going on Thunder Mountain
  • Sure it wasn’t exactly Halloween themed, but it was, in your opinion, the best ride in the park
  • “Vait vhy are ve going up? Oh no, ve are going to fall down next, aren’t ve? Aren’t ve? Oh no, Y/N, ve are going to die!”
  • just laughing with your hands up as he clung to your side, as if he was a toddler, and screamed his lungs out
  • Getting off the ride only to have him silently grab your hand and lead you back towards the entrance
  • Giving him a questioning look and him shrugging his shoulders in response
  • “Vhat? Ve didn’t die and I actually liked it vonce it finished!”
  • Sharing a churro while you watched the fireworks from the castle entrance
  • “Zhis has been zhe most incredible night of my life. Sank you, Y/n… I love you.”
  • this was the first time he said those three words
  • turning your head to face him and immediately crashing your lips against his, causing him to drop the churro in surprise
  • He’d pull back and frantically bend down as if to salvage the snack
  • “I am so sorry! I vill get us another one!”
  • as he went to run towards the nearby vendor, you grabbed his arm and spun him around, reconnecting your lips
  • slowly distancing your lips, you rested you forehead against his 
  • “I love you too, Kurt Wagner.”
  • at that moment, as if you were in a Disney movie, the final fireworks went off, lighting up the night sky as the instrumental music that played along with the show reached the ultimate crescendo

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My idea of perfect black widow movie. Steve looking for nat she been missing after infinity war. Somehow he found her. she in trouble. She being hunted from someone from her past. Steve confront her to talk about her past. Finally she told everything. There is begin the story. Nat were struggle since she a child. An orphan. Adopted by russian red room leader. She met her 1st love alexei She kill other girls to survived. Red room. Being sterilised. Alexei die@missing She become top assassin, seductress with dozens of murder Met bucky barnes and have a using-hate-love relationship. Bucky and nat past relationship will become 1st challenge in steve nat marriage (later). Met clint and joining shield. Budapest story. Avengers and met steve rogers. Spend a lot of time helping steve rogers catch up with pop culture and teach him how to fight. Going missing and hiding after graveyard kiss. try to get over bruce. Trained new avengers. Sparing scene with steve rogers. Civil war. Being hunted by government after let steve rogers escaped. Reunite with avengers. Kick bruce banner ass after left her without break up Fight thanos and lift mjonir. After steve rogers did. (Shit). Almost lost steve in the war. And make her think how much he meant to her. Steve confront her how he feel about them. She told him to stay away he deserve better. Steve doesnt give a fuck. Kiss her like a real man. Leave her speech less and runaway ( damn). She try to recover her butterfly in stomach after that kiss. Lol Hunted by a mystery figures name as red guardian. She and steve work together to destroy red room legacy. Make love first time with steve rogers (please let it happen) Finally recover from her past. Open up herself for steve. I love you. I love you too. Married to steve. And unexpectedly get pregnant by super sperm……opss! sorry super soldier. Become a mother. The greatest gift in women live. And emotional scene. From assassin to avengers wife and a mother. The end Perfect story. This is insane. Somebody should write this.

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wash your knives in the kitchen sink.
you will mistake the scalding hot water for freezing.
feel your fingers come back from red,
listen to your flesh come back from swelling.

you will think the streetlights
are killing more moths this evening.
you have nothing to prove this is true
but you will hear them in every corner.
their flutters, their sputters,
their swaying fall to pavement
in a pile of losing against light.

fog all your mirrors. you will use your middle finger
to write on them your favorite poems,
the ones about kissing and graveyards.
an hour and and three mugs of wine later,
you will not be able to tell the difference.

get tired of waiting.
make no room for false hope by your pillow
and fall asleep. let the alcohol be the only thing
that never promised to love you whole,
never walked you down any aisle
except the path to your bathroom floor.

you will hear him when he finally knocks.
the sound of his knuckles will wake you
and in the space between anger and sleep,
you will start loving him all over again.

pretend to still be sleeping.
feel your lungs come back from forgiveness.
feel yourself come back from him.
listen to the wedding march play in your head.
whisper the vows under your drunken breath.
this time:
to yourself.

—  preparing for his visit (after the divorce) | Ramna Safeer

“You’ll want to be quick about it.”

Bothered by the statement you do a little more digging, something is up.

You’re always out of time,
things never go right.

You can make more decisions,
but this time–
somewhere in your bones,
somewhere in that smile
you’ve been trying to keep–
you just know that
it will not work.

“I’ll take the slow death.”

You’ve been alive for too long to stop now,
might as well enjoy it.

“I thought you’d say something like that.”

It’s just another night you tell yourself.

A whisper she won’t hear:

“I’m going to regret this.”

—  A graveyard kiss
The Little Witch

Maman Arsenault, bent over your crib with spider fingers and wolf teeth bared for her baby darling.

Your mother stretched out your baby fingers, pricking the pink tips with her cold mouth. She planted poetry into your skin, tucking rotten seeds and chilly graveyard kisses into the tangled knots of your hair. She hid your wickedness there to grow, glistening amongst the velvet flint of your eyes, in the abandoned caves of your laughter. She raised you on poetry and prophecy, a daughter made from smoke and bone, balancing you on her hip and teaching you the lilting, grieving words to moonlight songs.

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