graveyard ducks

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Sprocket’s voice glitched and quietened as if she was tiring out, or even losing her voice. Her black lips clamped shut and she glared at her worried-looking girlfriend Jade.
If looks could kill……or even cut through metal…

Dex looked up, seeing two familiar looking silhouettes in the hallway, approaching the lounge door. One had a fedora whereas one looked as if they were wearing a dress and top hat.
Steam hissed as the pair quietly bickered and discussed the events that occurred during their search.
“N-Not the graveyard, n-not the duck pond. Neither the diner, street or even the beach. W-where are they?!” a female voice exclaimed, as if on the verge of tears.
“Ma?” Dex called out.

Liam/Allison- Whatever It Takes

Request-  a imagine where the reader is Allison’s younger sister and shes is a witch and huntress she wishes that Allison would be back alive and she wishes hard enough that she does come back and there is a cute reunion with the pack

A/N- Yeah, so I changed this quite a bit and I also added some stuff. I feel like I’ve written so many imagines where the reader or another character comes back to life and I just wanted to change it up. Hope you like it! Next up is an Isaac imagine.

You laid on your side, your head resting against your pillow as Liam snored into your hair. Your eyes flicked to the clock, letting you know it was 11:15. You had spent the past ten minutes wondering if something had held Lydia back, and you were beginning to think something had happened to her when your phone pinged.
You shifted in Liam’s arms, reaching out and grabbing your phone from your nightstand. You sighed in relief as you saw it was a text from Lydia, informing you that she was waiting for you in the parking lot.
You looked over at Liam to check that he was still asleep, and luckily he was out cold. He didn’t like for you to be in the apartment alone when your father wasn’t there, so he often slept over to make sure you were safe. Really, that just involved watching a lot of movies and making out for hours on end, but if it made him feel better you weren’t complaining.
Normally you loved having Liam there, especially over the weekend when you could sleep in and not go to school. But tonight you were planning something, and you knew Liam could get hurt if he interfered. That was why you had mixed something to knock him out with from one of your spellbooks, one that had been passed down several generations.
The recipe had been intended for a human, so you weren’t sure how long it would last on a werewolf, but you were betting on the fact that it would keep him out long enough for you to do what you needed.
You shimmied out of Liam’s arms, padding quietly across your room and stripping off your pajamas. You grabbed the clothes you had already laid out, trying to be as quiet as you could. After you quickly threw on the jeans and the sweater, you tugged on the combat boots perfect for trekking through the muddy graveyard.
You ducked under your bed, grabbing the oldest spellbook your mother had left you. Not only were the Argents a family descended from skilled hunters, but your mom’s side had also come from a powerful line of witches. It seemed that the powers were hit or miss, and while your mother hadn’t inherited them, you certainly had.
Allison hadn’t received them either, but what she lacked in power she had certainly made up for in strength. You felt a pang in your chest as you thought of your sister, which only made you more determined to carry out your plan.
You shot a glance at Liam, still snoring softly in your bed. You sighed, grabbing your coat and tucking the book under your arm and heading towards your front door.

“You ready?” Lydia asked as you hopped into her car, turning up the heat when she noticed your cheeks flushed from the cold.
You nodded. “I was born for this.”
“It might not work,” Lydia warned, suddenly feeling a little uneasy. “Anything could go wrong, Y/n. Are you sure you want to do this?”
“We talked about this,” you complained, shooting Lydia a look. “We both agreed we’d do whatever it takes.”
“If ‘whatever it takes’ means losing you too, then the deal is off,” she informed you, a slight edge to her voice.
“I have to do this,” you told Lydia forcefully, looking up at her with desperate eyes. “I have to bring Allison back. Scott doesn’t know anything about this, right? And Stiles either?”
Lydia shook her head, biting the inside of her cheek. “No one besides us. Against my better judgement, I might add. The only one who might even remotely suspect us is Deaton, but only because we asked him about it last month.”
“Then there’s no one to stop us,” you told her.
Lydia nodded, swallowing nervously and placing her hands on the steering wheel. “No there’s not. And it better be worth it.”

You tossed your shovel up above you, pulling yourself out of the grave and standing over the huge open pit. You dusted dirt off your hands, but it was under your nails and in the creases of yours palms, and you knew it would take forever to wash off.
With a huff, Lydia climbed up next to you, looking down at the wooden coffin and swallowing thickly. “You know, digging up my best friend’s grave in the dead of night is not how I imagined spending my Friday evening.”
“This isn’t exactly a blast for me either,” you told her, watching her try to pick dirt from under her bubblegum pink fingernails.
Lydia dusted dirt off her skirt, looking down at the open pit. She remembered the last time she had seen the coffin, when it was being lowered into the ground while you sobbed in her arms. She shook off the memory, peering around the darkened cemetery.
There were no lights out here except the flashlights you carried, and they had long been forgotten on the ground so you could dig up Allison’s grave. Lydia reached down and picked one up, shining it around and looking at the darkened gravestones.
“I’m surprised we haven’t been caught yet,” she remarked as you flipped through the spell book.
“We won’t,” you promised. “After Isaac’s dad died, the town took this place over. No one’s going to be out here.”
She shifted where she stood, her boots sliding over the damp grass as she looked down at the open book in your hands. “Is that it?”
You nodded. “Yep.”
“You don’t have to do this,” she told you, trying one last time to get you to reconsider. “It’s not too late.”
“We already dug up a whole grave,” you reminded her. “I’m pretty sure it is too late.”
Lydia huffed. “Fine. Then we better do this quick before Scott or one of the others finds out.”
“Alright,” you told her, taking a deep breath. “Get ready to scream.”
You gripped the book firmly in your hands, your nails digging into the leather as you began to read aloud. “Memini arripere sis usus cui vita concederetur ab adipe stringeretur. Venire per mortalem ostium surge et ambula accipite iterum.”
A strange sensation ripped through you, and the energy in the air began to change. This was the most powerful spell you had ever done, and you could feel it. Lydia could feel it too, and as you spoke the Latin, she felt a scream being torn from her chest.
She opened her mouth, letting out an ear-shattering wail in the dead silence of the graveyard. You fell to your knees in the damp grass, dropping the book in pain and pressing your hands over you ears.
It felt like forever before she finally stopped, but when she did the strange wave of power you had felt was gone, and now you were on your knees in the silence of the graveyard. You looked up at Lydia, who was staring at you in confusion.
“Did it work?” you asked, scrambling up on weak legs and looking at Allison’s coffin.
“I-I don’t know,” Lydia admitted. “I thought it would but…I guess not.”
You looked down at Allison’s desecrated grave, feeling a dizzying wave of grief wash through you. You knew it had something to do with how much power you had used, but also with the chance of being so close to getting your sister back and failing.
“This isn’t fair,” you whispered. “It was supposed to work. It had to have worked.”
“But it didn’t, Y/n,” Lydia told you gently, placing a hand on your shoulder. “Come on. We need to put all of this back before-”
Suddenly a loud thump! sounded from under you, and you and Lydia both jumped. You shared a look, your eyes meeting her wide green ones before you quickly looked down at the coffin. Another thump! hit your ears, and before you could move a muscle, the lid was being thrown open.
Allison sat up with a gasp, scrambling out of the wooden box she had spent so long in. Her long legs were bare under her dress, and she was shivering in the cold of the night.
“Allison?” you gasped, looking down at her pale face.
Lydia knelt down, scrambling for the flashlight she had dropped when she had screamed. She picked it up with trembling fingers, shining it down on the dark-haired girl who was blinking up at her in confusion.
“Y/n? Lydia?” Allison asked, blinking in the light being shined in her eyes. “What happened?”
She pulled herself out of the grave, kicking off the heels that had been placed on her feet. She walked towards you slowly, her eyes narrowing in confusion when she saw you and Lydia flinch slightly. She looked back at the grave behind her, and only then did she realize what was going on.
“I died, didn’t I?”
You nodded slowly, still stunned that the spell had actually worked.
“God,” Allison breathed, looking from you to Lydia. “I-I feel like I missed you. I didn’t know I did, but I missed you.”
You nodded feeling tears welling up in your eyes at the fact that your sister was right here in front of you. After she had pushed you out of the way of the Oni’s blade at Oak creek and died, you had felt like it was your fault. She had died to save you, and you had had the dream of her coming back a million times. It was always so vivid, and you were always so happy that you were convinced it was real until you woke up to the harsh bitter reality that Allison wasn’t back.
That’s what it felt like at that moment, when you saw your sister standing in front of you. But when she stepped forward, bringing you into her arms and nearly crushing you in a hug, you knew that this time she was real.
You pulled away, feeling tears streaming down your face as you looked at Allison’s face once more. But as you tried to study her features, you realized that black spots were filling your vision.
“Y/n?” Allison asked. “Y/n, you’re bleeding!”
Lydia studied you carefully, feeling a chill run through her when she noticed blood streaming from your nose. She was still shocked that Allison was actually there in front of you both, but you were her number one concern.
“It’s the spell,” she told Allison. “It must have-”
“Lydia!” a voice called out in the night. “Y/n! Where are you?”
“Scott,” Lydia stated, looking over at Allison.
“Y/n! Lydia!”
“And Liam,” you breathed, looking around and trying to focus on something, but you found that you couldn’t.
“Y/n,” Allison warned. “What’s happening?”
You didn’t answer her, but instead you stumbled back, trying to keep yourself up. You didn’t manage for long, and soon you were spilling to the ground with Allison just barely catching you in her arms.
“Y/n!” she cried, looking down at you in fear. “Lydia, what’s happening to her?”
“I-I don’t know!” the banshee cried. “We didn’t know what the spell would do to her!”
“And you let her do it?!” Allison demanded. “Y/n, just-just stay awake okay? Don’t close your eyes!”
You wanted to listen to her, you really did, but as you looked up at her distraught face, your found yourself growing weaker and weaker. Your eyelids began to flutter, and despite Allison and Lydia’s begging and pleading, you slipped into unconsciousness.

Liam said in the waiting room at the vet clinic, his knee bouncing nervously as he waited for Deaton, Allison and Scott to come out of the exam room. It had only been hours ago that you had curled up in his arms and fallen asleep, or at least he had thought so. Little did he know that you were only pretending, and you had drugged him so that you could sneak out and raise your older sister from the dead.
According to Lydia, the plan was supposed to go off without a hitch, but when he had gotten there with Scott and Stiles in tow, you were lying unconscious in Allison’s arms with blood dripping from your nose. You had been cold and pale, and Liam had been helpless to do anything as Scott scooped you up and sped to the vet clinic.
He ran a hand through his hair, cursing himself for being stupid enough to let you trick him. He should have been there to stop you, and now you could potentially die because he hadn’t.
The door the exam room swung open, and Liam jumped out of his chair, the metal leg grating across the linoleum floor. Allison gave him an odd look as he sprung out of his chair, raising her eyebrows at the younger boy.
“How is she?” Liam asked nervously.
“Her fever went down and she should be awake in a few minutes,” Allison informed him. “She’s going to be fine. We’re just lucky Deaton is back from Russia by now or she might not be.”
Allison walked over to the line of chairs, plopping down and running a hand through her tangled hair. While she had come back fully human and with everything in its proper place, she couldn’t say the same for state of her appearance. Judging from Liam’s skittish demeanor and the fact that he was now sitting two chairs away from her, she could tell she made him nervous, and her rugged appearance did nothing to help.
“So you’re dating my sister?” Allison asked, eyeing Liam up and down.
He nodded, swallowing nervously as Allison looked him over. The older girl did scare him, and not just because she had just risen from the dead. He had heard stories of how good of a fighter Allison was, and he had no doubt she could kick his ass.
“Scott tells me you have some pretty bad anger issues,” Allison continued. “But I’m sure you’d never hurt my sister.”
“N-no!” Liam cried. “No way! She’d probably kill me if I tried…not that I would ever hurt her!”
Allison suppressed a laugh, understanding why you liked Liam. But freshly risen or not, she knew she was going to have to play tough sister now. “Good, because I don’t know if you’ve heard, but I’m pretty good with a bow and arrow.”
Liam nodded. “Yeah.”
“Then you should know that if you ever hurt Y/n, physically or emotionally, no matter where you go, I’ll still be able to find you. And if you run, just know that I can hit a moving target pretty well.”
Liam nodded, his head frantically bobbing as he looked at Allison in fear. Just then, the door to the exam room opened again, and Scott popped his head out. “She’s awake guys. Is…is everything okay?”
“Yep,” Allison told him with a smile, and Liam nodded vigorously.
“…okay then,” Scott told them, giving Liam a weird look. “You can come back and see her then. Deaton is going to head out, but we can let ourselves out.”
Liam nearly burst out of his chair, heading for the back room of the clinic and ducking around Scott. Scott looked over to Allison once had had disappeared. “What was that all about?”
Allison laughed, light and sweet, and it was music to Scott’s ears. “I think I scared him.”

“Y/n!” Liam exclaimed as he saw you sitting up on the exam table, a cup of water in your hand.
“Hey,” you told him, flashing him a guilty smile.
He looked you over, taking in every detail from your mussed up hair and the circles under your eyes to your muddy jeans and boots. “You’re okay?”
“I still have a little bit of a fever,” you told him. “But I’ll be fine.”
“Good. Because you scared the hell out of me!” he exclaimed, his blue eyes angry and hurt.
“I…” you started, having no idea what to say. “Yeah.”
“You had no idea what that spell could have done to you,” he lectured you. “It could have killed you! You could have died!”
You closed your eyes, rubbing your hands on your temples to try and ease your oncoming headache. “I know.”
“And you lied to me!”
“I know.”
“A-and god, I thought I was going to lose you,” he whispered, his voice softening. “I heard Lydia scream and I thought you were dead.”
You looked up into Liam’s blue eyes, having not realized how much this had affected him. “I…I’m sorry. I thought I’d be okay. I just…I needed my sister back.”
“I get it,” Liam told you, now more calm that he was before. “But, uh, next time you want to raise anyone from the dead, can you please let me know first?”
You laughed softly. “I’ll think about it.”
You yawned suddenly, rubbing your eyes in the dim light of the clinic. Liam hopped up on the table next to you, patting his shoulder and pulling you against him. “You can sleep if you want. For real this time.”
“Sorry about that,” you murmured into his shoulder.
“It’s okay,” he told you, running a hand down your hair. “You’re okay and that’s all that matters.”
You smiled, leaning against him and closing your eyes. He wrapped his arms around you, listening to the slow thump of your heartbeat as you drifted off in his arms. You were sound asleep and you stayed that way, even when Liam scooped you into his arms and carried you out beside Allison and Scott. That night, you slept the best you had in months, and you didn’t wake up once.