Spoopy time is upon us people!!! Autum is getting close and October is around the corner, so I tought it was better to start getting in the mood, and since everybody liked my Torterra variations/crossbreeds, I made a pair of halloween themed torterras by mixing them with the only two grass/ghost pokemons we have so far.

I guess if they were a fusion or a crossbreed, pumpkin patch should learn trick-or-treat and graveyard shift would learn forest’s curse

In the 1800s, British forces arrived in Hong Kong’s Happy Valley. They quickly started dying from diseases caused by local rice paddies and poor drainage, so they decided to turn the area into a graveyard and move elsewhere. Tiered terraces were the only way to use the hills for mass burial, so the Happy Valley cemetery climbs up 10 stories of steps that are embedded in the mountainside. Source