thoughtfullycoolbasement  asked:

Have you ever considered writing a Snape fanfiction entirely from his POV? You know, just his musings and internal monologues. Like a series of oneshots. You manage the unthinkable - writing him in character and at the same time absolutely hilarious. I like your sense od humour. Or, at least, your idea of Snape's sarcastic snark.

Have. I. Ever.

I had this idea to write a fic called ‘Snape Goes to Therapy’ which would be exactly what it sounds like. In book 1, after Snape gets all moody (more so than usual), what with Harry Potter being in school, Dumbledore says he has to go to therapy or he loses his pension. So Snape goes, and it would basically be the books in therapy form from Snape’s POV. Oh, and the therapist would 100% be a shameless self-insert, #imnotevensorry.

BUT that will probably never come to fruition. I’ve put ‘Snape Goes to Therapy’ in my Temporary (temporary!… but also possibly permanent) Graveyard of story ideas, including, but not limited to: the Epic Pokemon Novel Length AU featuring The Golden Trio, a Draco Nemesis (he’d have a Krabby named Crabbe and a Mankey or something named Goyle… I think I’m funny okay), Bellatrix and Severus as the most irritable and dramatic Team Rocket duo (of course the still cross dress), and Tom Riddle scowling from afar at the head of his corporation (of course he’s evil and has a batshit crazy backstory); the Genie AU, because why not; The ‘Where The Hell Are These ‘Soul Marks’ Coming From’ AU; A Drarry (because I like chaos); the Horace Slughorn and Bathilda Bagshot Frenemy Oneshot, and…. *wipes away tear* Incendiary. I’m sorry Gellert, you would have been a King.


Necropolis of Hierapolis

Hierapolis, Phrygia, Turkey

The necropolis is one of the best preserved and extensive of its kind in the world. This city of the dead contains tumuli, sarcophagi and house shaped tombs lying stretched along both sides of the road extending 2km to the north. Most of about the 1200 tombs were constructed with local varieties of limestone. The extent of this necropolis attests again to the importance Hierapolis had in the Antiquity. It is worth taking one’s time to wander amongst the tombs, that date from antiquity to early Christian times, and marvel at the ostentation that these residents of Heirapolis afforded to their tombs. It has a fairyland quality.