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I run my blog for me. Not you. I can post whatever I want. Why? Because it is my blog. Not yours. I will talk about social justice all I want. In fact, my personal blog is full of it. But this is a topic that is important and I want to show my support to my friends.

If being a decent human being is too much for you to take, I feel sorry for you. Maybe you could listen to what people are actually saying, instead of immediately defending the status quo. Maybe if we could all think a little more thoroughly and critically, the world would be a better place. But that is silly of me; we don’t have to think for ourselves, that is for someone else to do. We just have to spit the same rhetoric over and over again. It is so soothing and warming like a security blanket that takes all your cares away.

I wasn’t even directly saying that quote was for DWM. I was saying it was a weak argument in general to excuse cruddy behaviour by saying it is merely satire. That is just not owning up to your hate. (Family Guy comes to mind).

Yes APM is a webcomic but that comic is not the only thing that we have a problem with. We have a problem with the Molestia character. She wasn’t created by JJ, she was a brony in-joke. JJ just saw the market for a successful blog and took up the job. Yet, Molestia speaks to a bigger problem in our society at large. Apparently it is more acceptable to make light of a very serious and traumatic event than it is to call out shitty human behaviour. We are normalizing rape by laughing at it. When it becomes normalized, people blame the victims, we feel more sympathy for the rapist for “having a promising future tarnished by some tramp who was asking for it”, we contort the ideas of what sexuality is and what it should look like, we pass bogus laws and have idiotic politicians trying to convince people that it is a biological imperative. The list goes on and on. Whats more, it says a LOT for bronies in general when we have this huge backlash to DWM or to any person or group who calls out rapists.

Now if we could just address the rampant racism in all these same places…